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Hello everybody! I hope you’re all doing well.

The Lord has had a little bit to say to me recently.

Firstly, I want to say something about my last video. I don’t know if you’ve seen it. If you haven’t, go check it out, it’s about harvesting the lost; getting people saved before Tribulation comes.

In that last video, I was under the impression that the Lord was putting a pause on time right now so that people could get saved. But I have come to understand that the Lord gave the world a pause of time during the Trump era, when Donald Trump was president. For those four years, the Lord was putting a pause on the prophetic things, upon the Rapture and the Tribulation, so that the lost, the unbelievers could come to salvation before He allowed the events of the Tribulation to begin.

Some people knew this and it came across as the Lord giving America another chance. But those of us who were ready to get out of here dismissed that and we were insistent that the Lord was coming very imminently. But that was not His plan for those four years.

Many people chose to bury their heads in the sand and they continued in their sins, in their comforts…They didn’t feel that urgency of the Lord coming anymore so people weren’t feeling that push to get saved. The world, especially America, went back to sleep. This was the time of the Lord’s delay spoken of in Matthew 25:5.

The Lord saw that people had gone back to sleep and no one was interested in salvation, so He allowed prophetic time to begin moving full speed ahead once more. And now He truly is coming very imminently as the stage is set and everything is lined up and ready to progress.

The second thing I wanted to talk about pertains to the Bride of Christ.

I think it was on the 6th of September, I received a dream. This dream was fairly intense and a bit horrifying.

In the dream, there was a serial killer going around cutting off people’s heads.

I saw a blond haired girl and I saw her through the serial killer’s eyes as he was watching her.

There were men who realized the serial killer was watching the girl and they began trying to protect her. They told her about this killer so that she would not be vulnerable or caught off guard. But the killer went after her protectors and she frantically looked for a place to hide in safety. It was night-time and she walked into a well lit yard and stood against a hedge, hoping the killer would not find her. And that was the end of the dream.

The week before I had this dream, I was listening to a message from The Fig Tree Ministry. Brother David was saying that the Lord had communicated to him that September is October. He was trying to compel the Body of Christ to go into fasting and prayer. He had also spoken about using anointing oils on your feet, wrists, and forehead.

On Saturday night that week, I realized I had some peppermint oil, which Brother David recommended, and I used this oil on my forehead and I prayed my prayer.

That very night, the enemy began to attack me. I struggled to sleep and the next day, I began to have a nasty migraine. This attack went on for several days and on Tuesday of that next week I had the dream.

The Holy Spirit gave me understanding that the month of September is under the spirit of October and of Halloween.

The stores began putting out candy, Halloween décor, and costumes a month early. Also, the Satanists have begun their rituals a month early.

The Holy Spirit also gave me the understanding that the girl in the dream is the Bride of Christ and that serial killer cutting heads off is Satan. Satan is watching the Bride and he has devised a plan to come after us and anyone who may be protecting us. But the Bride chooses to hide in the Lord’s hedge of protection. The well lit yard is a place of God’s light. It is an open place where everything can be seen, but demonic forces do not dare to come into this place because of its light. Also, the Holy Spirit just spoke to me and said, “Exposure.”

The open yard, with the exception of the hedges, is an open place that exposes. So the light and the openness of the yard exposes everything that comes into it. Demons do not like light and exposure.

If you feel led, please pray and fast for protection during the months of September and October. And if you can’t fast due to health reasons, please, at the very least, pray and try to make that a daily prayer for protection. And just know that the devil and his demons are going to do everything they can to come against you. The battle in the spirit realm is getting much heavier. During this time, it would be a good idea to come away from all forms of entertainment that may allow open portals into your life. I realize some of you already know this, but I feel like I have to stress the dangers of watching scary movies or Halloween themed movies, watching scary or demonic type tv shows, listening to secular music, reading books about demons, witches, or anything dark….Pray for the Holy Spirit to lead you and guide you in what types of music to listen to and what types of movies and tv shows to watch and also what types of books to read. Ideally, the Holy Spirit would like for you to spend more time reading His Word, listening to praise and worship, and just indulging in Godly things.

Demonic spirits are very real and your eyes and ears are the windows in which they prefer to access you from. Every door and every window to your spirit must be closed off to them so that your vessel is only filled with the Holy Spirit.

Now on to the third and last thing I want to talk about.

I was given a dream on the morning of September 11th, 2022. It was another morning I hadn’t been sleeping well and I had dozed off for about an hour to an hour and a half when I was given this dream.

I was in a house I didn’t recognize. But the house seemed to be the one I was living in.

I was lying on my bed in my bedroom, apparently just having woken up. I heard a loud noise like an airplane moving overhead and it sounded like it was coming out of the sky. I heard a voice tell me to ‘brace for impact’.

Afterward, a mist of water came through my window and then I was given knowledge that I should not get up, I should continue laying there, and that I needed to hold on tight. Then a huge rush of water entered my bedroom through my window and completely engulfed my bedroom.

As I was seeing and hearing this playing out, I could also see that my home was near water and I could see the plane crashing into the body of water.

I prayed for a few days before I got the understanding of this dream.

Living in a home I did not recognize represents living in this world which is not really my home. And lying in bed represents rest.

At the end of last year, I was given a dream and message about the prophets of God and the Two Witnesses. I was given the understanding that the prophets would begin getting fewer dreams and visions and that soon our job would be over because the Two Witnesses would come to take our place.

I didn’t say this back then, but as I was given the interpretation of that dream, I saw July of 2022 and I knew that come the month of July many would stop getting dreams and visions and there would be fewer warnings.

This past July, I began to notice there were fewer dream videos being posted and there were also fewer warnings. Some prophets and watchmen have nearly stopped posting altogether. I’ve even noticed that I get fewer dreams and visions now. This means we’re drawing near to the time of going home and the Two Witnesses coming to the earth.

But I said that just to say that since many of us are getting fewer dreams and visions, I believe the Lord wants us to rest as we wait for Him.

Since July I have also noticed that I have become much more tired and have a lot less energy than I used to. The thought has passed through my mind many times that this is because the Lord wants me to rest. Now this dream confirms this.

I will say it again, lying in bed in a dream represents rest.

As I lied in bed in the dream, I heard, “Brace for impact.” Then I was given knowledge that I needed to lie still and hold on tight.

I believe the plane crashing into the water and what seemed to be a tsunami that followed represents the coming destruction.

First, I got hit with just a mist of water. This was a warning that more would be coming. Then I got hit with the rushing wave of water that hit my house. This could mean that the Bride of Christ will be here to go through the first wave of the world’s destruction.

We must ‘brace for impact’ and we must remain where we are, holding on tightly in the Lord’s refuge.

Right now, we are in our time of rest. But soon, destruction will come.

One other thing I thought I would bring up real quick is that the Body of Christ is expecting Rosh Hashana to come on September the 25th and 26th. But most of you know that I have been following God’s calendar in the Sun, Moon, and Stars because that is what He has led me to do for almost two years now and He told me that man’s calendar is a month off.

Last night, I was in Stellarium and I saw that the actual date of Rosh Hashana is October the 23rd. This puts Sukkot or Feast of Tabernacles on November the 6th through the 14th. There is a blood moon scheduled for November the 8th.

For those who say, “No! The feasts are always in September,” right now, the Sun is in Leo. That means we’re only in the 5th month of Av. Right around the 26th of September, when the supposed experts say it will be Rosh Hashana, the Sun will be just going into Virgo, making it the beginning of the 6th month of Elul. It will be too early for Rosh Hashana. And if that doesn’t make you a believer, watch the weather. At the end of September, we will still be seeing warm temperatures here in the United States. Right now, the temperatures where I live in Michigan are like August weather. We’re still seeing mid to high 80’s! At this time, we should be seeing 70’s most days with drops down into the 60’s.

In October, we’ll be seeing September weather and it won’t begin getting cooler until early November. Watch and see! Unless they manipulate the weather to try and bring cooler temperatures prematurely.

The Lord says to “Brace for impact!” This means we need to be ready for what’s coming. But we should also remain in our rest and we should hold on to Him tightly because even though we’re in the Lord’s refuge, we’re going to feel what’s coming.

I don’t know if I’ll be making any more videos. But I do post almost every day on my Community so look for me there and don’t forget to drop by my website. The address is in the description.

God bless each and every one of you. I pray we are out of here soon. I truly think we are definitely in the season this time. Everything’s lining up, there’s fewer warnings, and the Lord is letting us know we’ve reached the end. Remain in Jesus, He’s the only one who’s going to get you home. I’ll see you all when we get there! Shalom.