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Good evening brothers and sisters! I’m sorry this message is being put out so late. It’s been a busy week. I wanted to get this message out early today but I had to go and check on my dad. So here we are and without any more delay.

First, I want to recap the message that I was given last week because it goes with this message.

In the dream I had on the 13th of January, 2022, I was traveling through a desert. It wasn’t desolate. There were people there and there was a town. I have come to understand it was the old west. I saw that some of the places had become eroded. It definitely did not look like it was in its prime.

Then I was in a room with a man who I believe was Jesus. The two of us were symbolic of the Bride and Groom. It was in the middle of the night or maybe just after bedtime and I got up to turn the light on. I sat down and began scribbling out listings for computers.

You may or may not know that I am a big computer person. I love to build computers and collect them. In this dream, I had a list of computers that I felt I no longer needed, so I began crossing them off. Jesus began to get annoyed because I had the light on and He was going to get up and turn it off. But I told Him, “I’ll do that in a few minutes when I’m done.” Then I thought to myself that I would leave my computers to my mom but on second thought, she would not know what to do with them.

Then the scene changed and I was traveling down the street where I had stopped to look at some magazines. In one of the magazines, I was shown a message from Abba. I don’t remember the wording in the message, but He was saying how angry and hurt He is that no one is obeying Him or listening to Him. Everyone is going about their lives not paying any attention to Him. And that was the end of the dream.

I was traveling through the old west of America. This is also symbolic of America being the old way of things and its geographical location of the world is the west. It is like a dry desert, eroding and falling apart. It is time for the Bride and Bridegroom to turn out the light and say goodnight. There is no more time for buying or building things. We will be leaving our possessions behind. Abba confirms once again that He is angry and hurt toward mankind for not paying attention to Him, for not listening to Him, and for not obeying Him. This time, He did not mention anything about the wrath or judgment He is about to bring. The dream and message ended on a sad note.                          

So then on the morning of January 16th, 2022, I was given another dream. That morning, I was having a rough time sleeping as my husband made noise when he came home from work and then my cat was getting in bed with me wanting to snuggle. I was restless and so very tired. And as I was in and out of sleep, I was given this dream. I heard a news broadcast about employment and they were saying something about one person having two jobs. I believe I was seeing the same news broadcaster twice as though there were twins. It was reiterating the one person doing two jobs. Then the news broadcaster said the two jobs should go to two people.

Then I was sitting at the computer getting ready to upload a video to YouTube. I was typing out the title and I can’t remember exactly what the whole title was but it said ‘done hoping’, as though the hope was about to be fulfilled.

As I was typing the title for the video, I was thinking that my job of putting messages out was about to grind down to putting fewer messages out like it was in the beginning when I first started my channel. I would put out a video maybe once a month or so. Basically, this meant that my job was getting ready to wind down.

When my alarm went off, I sat down to pray and was meditating on the dream I just had. The Holy Spirit gave me the understanding.

Remember when I said the news broadcaster was talking about the two jobs being done by one person? That is us, the messengers of God getting double the work load. For the last few years, the dreams and visions have been coming one after the other and some of us are putting out two, three, and sometimes even four messages a week! I, personally, don’t ever get more than two messages a week. There may have been a couple of odd weeks where I got three in one week, but never four. But this goes with the scripture in the Bible that says, “The harvest truly is plentiful, but the laborers are few…” (Matthew 9:37) There have been few messengers out in the field and the work has been double.

Remember also, the news broadcaster said the two jobs should go to two people? The Holy Spirit says that the two people are the Two Witnesses. This was reiterated with me seeing the news broadcaster as twins.

The Two Witnesses of Revelation 11 are coming. The messengers of Christ will no longer be needed as our job is winding down and there will not be as many messages coming from the Lord. Essentially, we are just about done.

After the Holy Spirit gave me the understanding about the Two Witnesses, I was given the scripture of Matthew 24:40-41, “…Then two men will be in the field: one will be taken and the other left. Two women will be grinding at the mill: one will be taken and the other left.”

The title of the video I was about to upload to YouTube said, “done hoping”.

The Rapture of the Remnant or Bride is soon to happen, the messengers of Christ will be taken, and the Two Witnesses will come to take our place.

In both dreams, which were given to me just three days apart, the Lord confirmed He is coming for His Bride. He revealed that time has come to an end by saying or showing that it’s time to turn out the light and say goodnight. There is no more time for buying or building. He also revealed that the job of the messengers has come to an end. The Two Witnesses are being sent down to preach and call down judgment upon the wicked. The Father says He is angry because no one listens to Him or obeys Him.

If you have been wondering if the Lord is really coming this year, He is giving plenty of messages to the messengers that, yes, He is coming for His Bride. He has confirmed it over and over again. Anyone saying the opposite of this is either lying or they’re not understanding what the Lord is telling them.

Rhonda Empson also got a dream this week about the job of the messengers coming to an end.

Last week, sister Melissa at Midnight Hour Oil put up a message about the Lord’s anger.

There have been many other messages that I’ve seen this week that have confirmed the messages given to me over the past week. And I have to confess that at the time I had the dream about crossing off computers on my list and Jesus getting annoyed at me, I was really looking at restoring a laptop. I had just bought a broken laptop that needed to be restored and then I was given the dream with the message that there is no more time for buying or building things. That part of the message was a warning to me that it is time for lights out. It’s time to say goodnight to this world. It’s time to get out of here! That dream was Jesus’ response to something I desired to do. So if you’ve had any doubt about the lateness of time or about Jesus coming, I am a witness to you that He is coming for sure at any given moment. I personally have a timeframe that I’m looking toward and that is because the Holy Spirit spoke something to me back in late November and it gave me an indication about the timing. But I’m not going to announce that because I don’t want anybody calling me a false prophet and I don’t feel that the Lord wants me to talk about this timeframe.

What I am going to tell you is that you need to be ready for Him. You need to forgive those who have hurt you, you need to let go of the baggage that you’ve been holding on to, you need to repent of any remaining sins in your life and you need start living clean and holy for the Lord, you need to keep your focus on Him and nothing else, and you need to give Him the time and attention He desires every day. And that is for me also! Each and every one of us have challenges to face and things in our lives that need to change. None of us are above the others, none of us are perfect in all of our ways. We are all a work in progress. But Jesus knows our hearts and if our hearts are not completely dedicated and faithful to Him, all He sees is wickedness. He knows if you truly love Him or not. He knows whether He is truly your one and only God. He must be like your husband and you must be like His wife. Even if you are a man, the symbolism still applies. You must be faithful to Him and the two must be as one.

Also, please let go of petty jealousies and do not give yourself to petty arguments. Also, do not say things that cause divisions and may cast doubt onto another person’s walk with the Lord.

I am referring to a couple of things I heard this past week that caused my blood to boil. I heard one person in Christ saying that if a woman wears pants, she’s not really saved. This person said a woman must wear dresses. If a woman wears pants, she is in rebellion toward God.

I heard another person in Christ say that if you don’t read the King James Version of the Bible, you’re not really hearing from God. He swears that all other versions of the Bible are corrupt and do not say the same things that the KJV says.

Ok, firstly, the Bible never told women they have to only wear dresses. God said that a woman should not dress as a man. This has been taken to mean that women shouldn’t wear pants. But in Biblical days, men didn’t even wear pants! Pants or trousers were not developed until sometime between the eighth to eleventh century. God was not referring to women wearing pants! God was referring to women cutting their hair short or shaving their heads or growing facial hair like a man. And even if He had looked to the future and was referring to women actually dressing like men, He would have most likely been referring to wearing men’s suits or men’s underwear. Wearing pants does not make a woman look like a man. And there are practical reasons for wearing pants, which would be for the purpose of keeping warm or for the purpose of horseback riding. I don’t know about you, but I live in Michigan and it gets very cold here in the winter. I could not imagine wearing a dress in a Michigan winter. My legs would freeze! I wear pants and a sweater, along with my insulated coat and I still freeze. A dress would not be appropriate in cold weather.

The Holy Spirit just revealed to me that women should not dress for the purpose of looking like a man. A woman should not pretend to be a man so as to make others believe she is a man. And this goes for men also.

So again, this has nothing to do with wearing pants. If you feel comfortable wearing pants, wear pants. If you want to wear dresses, wear dresses…that is, if you are a woman, by all means wear a dress if it suits you.

Secondly, reading the KJV Bible does not make you closer to God and it does not mean you hear from God. The Holy Spirit gives His gifts to people regardless of which version of the Bible they read. Also, the KJV does not differ from the NKJV, the NIV, or any other translation. The KJV may say things a little differently, giving different words, but the message is still the same, there is nothing added to it and nothing taken away. I have the KJV, the NKJV, and the NIV and they all have the same context, the same message, the same number of chapters, and the same number of verses. The wording is slightly different in each version but it does not differ in its context and meaning.

No matter which version of the Bible we read, we are still to study to show ourselves approved. Get a Strong’s Concordance if you need help understanding words! And if you still have a hard time understanding, go to the Lord in prayer and ask Him to explain the meaning or to help you understand. That is what He truly desires anyway! He wants to be your teacher! But do not think you have to read the KJV to hear from God and do not let anyone tell you you’re not really saved or you’re not really walking with the Lord if you don’t read the KJV.

People saying these things are only starting foolish arguments and casting doubt upon people. No one has the right to tell you whether or not you’re saved except Jesus Himself.

Anyway, that’s the end of my rant.

Be ready, remain faithful, and continue watching for the Lord. He is coming and He can’t make that any clearer. People who say we have more time are not speaking on behalf of the Lord. They’re speaking their own opinions or from a place of not wanting to go just yet, probably because they have unsaved loved ones that they are not ready to leave behind. We all have unsaved loved ones. But we’ve done everything we can to let them know about the Lord and His salvation and we’ve lived our Christian lives in front of them as a witness and testimony to what Christ has done within us and through us. He has used us to show His love for them, He has used us to care for them, to bless them, He has used us to warn them…We’ve done all that we can to help them choose salvation. The seeds have been planted and now it’s time for them to make the choice for Christ or for the world. Us being here only protects them and grants them mercy and grace. We must be removed so that God’s judgment can fall upon those who have chosen not to be in His salvation, for those who have deliberately chosen Satan.

Father God is angry and He has made it clear, He is not waiting any longer.

Use the time you have left, wisely. Do not waste your time with things that will not help you in your salvation.

I love you and the Lord loves you. We both hope to see you in the Father’s house. God bless each and every one of you. Shalom.