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Hello again everyone. In the last message I spoke about storing up provisions for the famine ahead. This message is a happier one that will hopefully get you excited.

I am seeing that many are getting words, dreams, or instructions regarding the coming of the Lord. He seems to be confirming that the time of the Bride’s departure has finally come.

Kerianna 83 put out a message on November 1st saying the angels have been sent to get us. Bette from A Servant’s Heart was given the instruction to blow the shofar. And there are others who are getting messages as well.

In the past, the Lord has given me dreams of multiple planetary bodies in the sky. Several times, I have had dreams of what looked like two moons in the sky. Once, I was given a dream where I was looking out the window and I saw these two moons in the sky. Then I was sitting in what looked like a break room and I began microwaving some nachos. I sat down in a chair and then I saw the door shut. I got up to open the door but it wouldn’t open. After I woke up, the Holy Spirit gave me the interpretation. The two moons in the sky were signs. I was to be watching for the signs. The nachos in the microwave were junk food. He didn’t want me to be consuming junk which is entertainment because the door will shut on me and will not be opened. I will be locked out.

Yesterday afternoon, while I was taking a nap, I was given another dream about two moons. I haven’t had a dream about this in a long while and I haven’t even heard anyone else speak about this recently.

In the dream I had yesterday, I was trying to get a job at a newspaper. When I went to interview for the position, I spoke to the interviewer about the two moons in the sky. I began to show her. These two moons looked exactly alike; same size, they were at the same phase of their orbit, which was the phase of the first quarter moon, and they were both behind some dense clouds, but you could still see them. Then I was awakened by my one year old cat.

I’m not sure what the Lord was trying to tell me other than to keep watching the signs. Perhaps two identical moons means ‘confirmation’. Being a newspaper reporter is a reflection of what I do on my channel and on my website; I warn, encourage, and tell about things that are happening. I report what I see and hear which is exactly what a reporter does.

I believe there are signs and confirmations everywhere that it is indeed time for the Bride’s departure. I’m sorry I don’t have something more concrete like the Lord saying ‘this week will be the week of the rapture’. But I don’t believe anyone is going to know exactly when it is going to take place. I believe that the day it is meant to happen, we may wake up feeling like something is about to happen. We may feel an urgency or a sudden burst of excitement…I think we will sense that something is different. But I do not think we will absolutely know that is the day of our departure.

I saw a video yesterday where a guy was saying this woman went on to an open chat with God A Minute and she declared she got a message from God and He said, ‘3 days’. But she declared this sometime between the 1st and the 3rd of November and it is now the 8th. So those 3 days have come and gone and nothing has taken place. She didn’t say there would be a rapture in 3 days but everyone perceived that was what she meant. So there is another instance of someone thinking they’re hearing from the Lord and He’s telling them when the Rapture will take place but that time comes and goes and it causes that person to lose credibility. It proves that God is not going to tell anyone when the Rapture will take place. He has told us to be ready, to get our houses in order, to watch the signs, and He has given us confirmations that now is the time of the Bride’s departure and of the Tribulation’s beginning. We are at the edge and there’s nowhere left to go.

I just wanted to encourage you all that the Lord IS coming. The angels have been dispatched and now a shofar has been blown. The signs are hidden to those without eyes to see which is why the two moons were behind the clouds but I could still see them.

The Holy Spirit is giving us confirmations. This is truly it. For many years we have been getting dreams of being in heaven or of the rapture occurring during the holiday season. I myself have been warned that this will take place when there is economic collapse, closures of businesses, and shortage of goods. We’re there!

I remember several years ago, Rhonda Empson had a dream that Thanksgiving was cancelled. A few years ago, I had a dream that the Rapture took place either before or after the Christmas holiday. I wasn’t sure if we were getting the decorations out or putting them away. And in 2016, I was given a dream that I was in heaven at my grandmother’s house when the war on America started and my grandmother had a Christmas tree up. Some of us have woken up with Christmas songs in our spirit when it wasn’t even the holiday season.

I’m feeling like everything we’ve been shown or told is culminating and is being fulfilled this holiday season. I truly do hope that this IS it. I believe it has to be, given what we’re seeing in the world right now. For many years we’ve thought things couldn’t keep going without something breaking loose. We thought every year had to be the year the Lord would come. We couldn’t imagine coming this far, seeing everything we’ve seen. But now, how much farther could we really go before we see the Lord? The world and its current condition is like a bubble ready to burst. The tension is palpable.

The fact of the matter is, today could be your last day on this earth. I hope you are ready to meet your Creator. He is coming most imminently.

God bless each and every one of you. Shalom.