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                        Hey everybody! The Holy Spirit has given me some deep insight again on the Holy Word of God. Please keep in mind that it is the Holy Spirit who reveals all things. What I am going to share with you did not come from my flesh or personal understanding. This message comes from the Holy Spirit of God. I cannot emphasize that enough.

                        During the week of August the 28th of 2021, I began wondering what 2 Thessalonians is really saying regarding the Antichrist’s revealing.

                         Between 2008 and 2016, many, including myself, have felt that the Holy Spirit has revealed to us who the Antichrist of Revelation is. But still many others in the Body of Christ say that the Antichrist cannot be revealed until after the Rapture happens and the Antichrist comes to power. So the Holy Spirit moved me to think on this and ask the question, ‘What is 2 Thessalonians saying when it tells us that the Antichrist will be revealed’? What does that word ‘revealed’ truly mean?

                          Tradition says the Antichrist being revealed is when he comes to power. But the Holy Spirit is telling me that the revealing is about the spirit of Antichrist being revealed in those who have fallen away or rejected the truth of Christ and the Holy Spirit.

                           On the evening of August 28th, as I was lying in bed, meditating on the falling away and the traditions of the church and how the traditions produce a dead spirit, the Holy Spirit prompted me to get up and go read 2 Thessalonians 2:6.

                            In reading 2 Thessalonians 2:1-12, I realized the entire context is about the wolves in the church who are leading the people with false prophecy or news.

                            Paul says the revealing of the Antichrist comes when the rebellion occurs. What is the rebellion? In verse 11 the Word says God sends a powerful delusion that causes those who do not love the truth to believe a lie. The rebellion is the act of professing ‘Christians’ abandoning God’s truth and believing the lie they are being told. We call this The Falling Away.  

                             Verse 7 speaks about the power or spirit of lawlessness being at work. Paul says, ‘the one who holds it back will continue to do so until he is removed or taken out of the way’.

                             Traditionally, we have been taught that the one who holds back the Antichrist is the Holy Spirit. But in this context, Paul is talking about the spirit of Antichrist and traditionally, we have been taught that the removing of the Holy Spirit is the Rapture; when the Holy Spirit and all those He dwells in will be taken off of the earth. But since the context of this warning is regarding the spirit of Antichrist and the rebellion of the church, why would Paul speak about the Rapture? The fact is, he isn’t. Paul is speaking about the Holy Spirit being removed from those who have chosen to abandon the truth of God and follow the deception of the Antichrist. He is not talking about the Holy Spirit being removed from the earth, he is speaking about the Holy Spirit being removed from those who have fallen away. They have chosen to believe the lies of Satan and the Holy Spirit has left or departed from them.

                        Months ago, the Holy Spirit revealed to me that the Great Deception is the Mark of the Beast which is the C-19 Venom. Those who have rejected that the Venom is the Mark and have chosen to take it have been deceived and they no longer have the Holy Spirit or the Salvation of Christ within them. In this context, everything he is revealing makes total sense.

                         Concerning the revealing of the Antichrist, as I already stated, tradition teaches that this revealing is when the Antichrist comes to power. However, in the context of Paul’s letter to the Thessalonians, he speaks of the spirit of Antichrist which causes the Falling Away. The revealing is not just about a man coming to power but about his spirit being revealed in those who have rebelled against Christ.

                          Remember, 1 John 4:3 says, ‘…and every spirit that does not confess that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is not of God. And this is the spirit of the Antichrist, which you have heard was coming, and is now already in the world.’ And 2 Thessalonians 2:7 says, ‘For the mystery of lawlessness is already at work…

                          In 2 Thessalonians chapter 1, Paul talks about the Spirit of Christ being manifested in His believers. He says that on the day of the Lord, He will be revealed and glorified in His holy people. So if he speaks about the Spirit of Christ being revealed in His people, doesn’t it stand to reason that he is also speaking about the spirit of the Antichrist being revealed in his people?

                            Paul’s 2nd letter to the Thessalonians is not speaking about the identity of the Antichrist finally being revealed after the Rapture. Not at all! He is speaking strictly about the spirit and the power of the Antichrist being manifested in those who have chosen to rebel against Christ. He states that after this occurs is when the coming of Christ will happen.

                            I know that this is hard to grasp and digest, but given what we are seeing in the world at this present time, what the Holy Spirit is revealing about the spirit of Antichrist rising makes absolute and total sense. First, the Mark comes upon the world, then the spirit begins to manifest, then the Antichrist, the man, comes to power.

                            In Revelation 7 we are told that the 144,000, which are the people of Christ, are marked or sealed with God’s special mark. They will rise up in these last days, leading many to salvation and the Holy Spirit will manifest through them. Then Christ will come and rise to power. This is an exact mirror of what Satan is trying to do with his people. First the mark or seal, then the spirit manifests, then the rise to power.

                            Of course you do not have to believe what I am telling you. I encourage you to take this to the Lord in prayer and ask Him for confirmation. But those who have the Holy Spirit within them will know that I am telling the truth. Spirit confirms Spirit. If the Holy Spirit within me spoke this, the Holy Spirit within you will agree. God is not the author of confusion and He will not tell me one thing and you another.

                            The Mark of the Beast is already in this world. There are too many confirmations and the facts don’t lie. As well, the spirit of Antichrist is rising and overtaking. But those who follow Satan cannot overcome those who walk in Christ. We are in our Lord’s refuge and He is far more powerful than the adversary. Satan has but a short time and he will be overthrown and imprisoned by Jesus and His angels.

                         Do I believe we are in the Tribulation? I believe the Seals of Revelation are playing out. I believe the world is going through a time of great sorrow and hardship. I believe the faith of those in Christ is being tested and that we are being greatly refined or sifted, as in what happens when you separate the wheat from the chaff. This is different from separating the wheat from the tares. The separation of the wheat from its hard outer chaff or kernel can only be done with something that is called a ‘tribulum’. The word ‘tribulum’ sounds just like the word ‘tribulation’. However, I’m not putting a label on where we are. I’m just doing what the Lord has told me to do and that is to watch the signs which are the fulfillments of God’s Word.

                       Don’t be focused on whether or not we’re living in the period of the Tribulation. Focus on where you are with Jesus. Focus on His Word and His Spirit and let them guide you and direct you. Put on the full armor of God daily and do not fear those things that you see and hear. Trust in Jesus and believe in His protection.

                       Also, if you have made it this far into the message, I want to be clear that I am not saying there is no ‘Rapture’. I am also not saying that the Rapture will not occur before the Antichrist comes to power. I do believe firmly in the Rapture because the Holy Spirit has shown me many times that there will be a Rapture of the Bride. I also firmly believe that the Bride of Christ will be removed before the Antichrist takes official power because God would not allow the Bride of Christ to sit under the rule of His adversary. That would be a cruel punishment for those who have proven their love and loyalty to Christ. Also, we are encouraged many times in the Word that we will depart from this world and its wickedness before the hour of trial and the wrath of God comes upon those who have rebelled against God; 1 Thessalonians 4:16-17, Revelation 3:10, and Revelation 16:15, not to mention the many parallels throughout the Bible which foreshadow God pulling His holy undefiled people out of the way before destruction comes upon them.

                        This message is not about discouraging you from believing in the Rapture. This message is about giving us the understanding that the things we have been taught are not necessarily true and that what we are seeing looks totally different up close than what we anticipated. This message is about the Holy Spirit showing us how things are unfolding. It’s like when a scientist has a theory about an event, but when the event actually happens, the scientist realizes their theory is completely wrong and the analysis teaches them something they never anticipated. You can’t know how things are going to work out until they happen.

                          So as I said, stay focused on Jesus and let only the Holy Spirit lead you in all things. Don’t be troubled by what you see and hear and do not be dogmatic about what you think will happen. Everything is in God’s timing and he works everything out for His good.

                          Before I end this message, I want to let you know that I have a second YouTube channel that I created during my 2 week suspension. The channel is called Holy Spirit Messenger and I will be using that channel as my backup channel. I’ve had two strikes on this channel since May and it is very likely that at some point, this channel will be blocked or deleted. I have also created accounts on Rumble and Brand New Tube. I also had an account with BitChute but after two weeks on their platform, they blocked me and wouldn’t tell me why.

                       My main platform is my website. If I get booted off of every platform, you will always be able to find me on

                        I thank each of you for staying with me this long, but now I must say farewell. I hope you have a great week. I love you all. God bless you and shalom.


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