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Hey everybody! If you’ve seen my Community posts yesterday, you know I am super excited! I have another warning to share with you and a super exciting encouragement.

Tuesday morning, my husband and I got up at 6 a.m. to feed our cats, as I usually do, and then because we were so tired, we laid down on the couch and fell back to sleep. I was given a dream.

In this dream, I was in this big house with money changers, buyers, physicians, patients, and animals. First, I was with my cousin who is now in her 70’s but in the dream she was in her late 30’s or early 40’s and I was a little girl again just as I was when I met her. She was in the store portion of this house and she was talking to another woman. They were talking about the snake venom and how a group of Christians were saying it’s the Mark. They were saying this group of Christians were a demonic cult. And I was thinking, “Wait, I believe that and I know that to be true! The venom is the Mark!” But I felt the Holy Spirit telling me to be quiet and just listen.

Then, my cousin, my dad, and myself, we were all outside and we had discovered full cans of cat food, unopened, thrown into the garbage. It was raining and the garbage was full of rain water and cans of unopened cat food.

Then I was back inside the house and I saw a woman in a doctor’s office. She was trying to get up into some device as she was waiting for the doctor. I tried to grab her and pull her down, telling her she doesn’t need to see the doctor. She argued with me and was very insistent about being seen.

I was going to go and look for someone to help me with this patient when I noticed that across the hall, the room was on fire. These two rooms were at the very end of the hallway.

I ran down the hall trying to warn other people about the fire and there was another woman doing the same thing. When I finally got all the way back to the front of the house, I saw my dad and my cousin and I told them, “The house is on fire.” Then I was awakened by my husband telling me it was 7:30.

The things I had seen in this dream are the things that are currently happening in our world. There are Christians who think that those of us who believe the venom is the Mark are a crazy, demonic cult of believers. They don’t believe us and they won’t hear us. Their minds are on worldly things just as my cousin and the other woman were shopping as they were having this conversation.

And the scene where we found unopened cans of cat food in the garbage is telling that food companies are throwing away perfectly good food that could be sold and eaten. The famine is a manufactured event…atleast for now.

Then there was the scene of the woman patient insisting on seeing the doctor when she didn’t need to. I tried to compel her not to, but she didn’t want to listen to me. This is representative of many in the world who are being warned about doctors and pharmakeia, but they won’t listen. No matter what we tell them, they have been too brainwashed to listen.

And the final scene about the fire; myself and another witness were trying to warn everyone that the house is on fire. The witnesses of God are doing exactly that right now. We are trying to warn this world that the house is on fire and everyone needs to get out. Our escape is through Jesus Christ and He is the one who is confirming that these things are true and the time is now.

The fire has begun and it’s only going to spread. It is time to call out to Jesus and receive Him as Lord and Savior. He is the only way of escape. He is the only refuge and salvation there is and will ever be. All who have not fully surrendered to Him need to give their lives to Him now. There is no more time to waste.

My encouragement came yesterday afternoon. I woke up from an afternoon nap and instantly, I felt a surge of excitement and energy. It was the 16th of March and the temperature at 3 p.m. was sixty-eight degrees. In my spirit, I felt the Holy Spirit confirming that Spring has come early and this is a sign and confirmation that Jesus, our Bridegroom, is also coming early. Then a few minutes later, as I was meditating on this, I heard Him say, “In like a lamb, out like a lion.” Then I instantly understood the significance of that saying as Passover and Easter are considered the beginning of Spring and Jesus was the lamb that was sacrificed so Spring is synonymous with the lamb. Also, Aries, the constellation is a lamb and that is when the New Year and the Spring season officially begins. The lion is synonymous with Jesus as the judge whose wrath falls upon the earth.

Spring has come in like a lamb because there has not been bad weather, there is a calm and a sudden warmth and renewal in the air. Going out like a lion means that toward the end of the season, there will be bad weather. In this case, the Holy Spirit is referring to the Lamb coming to receive His Bride and then going out like a Lion as His wrath falls upon the earth.

I am getting confirmations everywhere that Jesus is coming for His Bride. The heavens and the earth are screaming this warning and encouragement to everyone who will listen. And lately, I am seeing numbers popping up constantly; 911, 1111, 616, 717, and 444. These are numbers that have become synonymous with Tribulation and Rapture. And I almost forgot that yesterday, I posted an image on my Community page, along with a word about early Spring. The Holy Spirit told me to use the image of a yellow daffodil. As I was looking for images for this video, it dropped into my spirit that the daffodil is a ‘trumpet’ flower. So in telling me to use the yellow daffodil, He was symbolizing the trumpet being blown.

Another thing I was just reminded of is that the other morning when I was using the microwave to heat up some breakfast, I meant to push three-zero-zero for three minutes, but instead I pushed three-eight-eight. When I saw this, I thought, “Huh! That’s odd. I wonder why I did that?” Then I cleared it out and set it for three minutes. But as I was walking away, I heard an inner voice say, “Look that up in the Strong’s.” So I looked that up and in Hebrew, the word is ‘Ethanim’ and it means ‘the seventh month, steady flowings’.

The Lord has given me revelation in the past few years that the Feast of Tabernacles, which is a seventh month feast, is a mirror of Passover. Also, before the calendar was changed, the seventh Jewish month was the month we now call Nissan, which began in March.

I know that I have been warning and encouraging this Tribulation and Rapture message for many years now. But the time is finally here. The prophecies are unfolding and being fulfilled. The train is rolling down the track, full steam ahead, and nothing is going to stop it now.

The Lord is warning, “The house is on fire!” The fire has begun and it’s only going to spread until the entire house is engulfed in flames.

He is coming for those who walk with Him daily and who have allowed Him to purify them and make them spotless.

In that dream, I was a child. His Word says the Kingdom of God belongs to the children and if you want to enter the kingdom, you must be as a little child. Your faith in Him must be unshakeable. Little children have faith that is so big, they believe anything is possible.

We must believe and we must be ready. Our Bridegroom is coming quickly and imminently. There is no more waiting. He is eager for His Bride and furious with the wicked. The Holy Father has had enough.

Remain firmly in the Lord and resist the ungodly things of the flesh and of this world. Pray, fast, and repent! Stand before the Lord as a spotless Bride without blemish. He is coming. Be ready!