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Hey all. I didn’t think I’d be back so soon, but this past week, I’ve had some revelations. Before I talk about the one I’m going to talk about here, I just wanted to say that I’m not getting any dreams from the Lord lately and until I start getting them again, this channel is going to shift just a little bit and I’m going to be doing more Bible studies and I’ll talk about the revelations the Lord is giving me when I get them.

In this particular video, I want to talk about something that’s blowing my mind. I haven’t been given a confirmation from the Holy Spirit but I feel like He may be nudging me to explore this topic. And I want to know your thoughts on this. I’m not opening comments up for all of my videos or for my Community section because I’m getting too many people wanting to harass me or start fights with me and I just can’t spend my time dealing with that. However, I have opened the comments on this video so that you all can tell me your thoughts on this topic.

A couple of weeks ago, I was scrolling through my YouTube subscriptions and I saw that a sister had posted a link to an article. This particular article was written about a scientist who was looking at the venom under a microscope.

For those of you who are new to my channel, I am speaking in code. I use the word ‘venom’ to describe something I’m not allowed to talk about.

So this scientist has the venom under the microscope and she sees a creature that has tentacles and she says that as she is observing the creature, it turns and looks right at her, knowing she is watching it.

Ok, that freaked me out. But I’m not someone who is easily rattled or surprised by things so I thought, ‘This makes sense. They’re implanting aliens inside of people that will grow and eventually take over their body. This is why it is the Mark of The Beast and why it is an abomination to God.’ But it doesn’t end there.

At the beginning of this last week, I started seeing videos popping up with this same exact creature and they were calling it a ‘Hydra’. Scientifically, they say this creature is immortal. It can’t die, it grows back whatever gets cut off or injured and it can multiply a-sexually.

After seeing these videos and seeing that they were calling this thing a ‘Hydra’, instantly, I thought of the Greek mythological creature which is also called a ‘Hydra’ and then that made me think of the ten-headed beast of Revelation 13, 17, and in Daniel 7. The ten-headed beast is also technically a ‘Hydra’.

Now today, I have seen a video from Logic Before Authority, which has been in my playlist for a few days, and he was also talking about this creature in the venom. But while I was listening to him, he made me realize that there’s also a constellation called ‘Hydra’. I had forgotten that! I have heard people speak about Revelation 12 and connecting the Hydra constellation to the seven-headed dragon who goes after the woman who is represented as Virgo and her child who is the Body of Christ.

All of this got me wondering, is God trying to reveal to us that the venom is the Beast of Revelation 12 which desires to devour the child or the Body of Christ? Is this why we are suddenly Raptured up to the throne, so that it cannot overtake us? And what about the ten-headed beast of Revelation 13, 17 and Daniel 7? Is this Hydra symbolic of the beast system that is rising up? Or is the beast system rising up because of the beast that has been implanted into the people?

I feel like a revelation is about to be poured out here but I don’t have it yet.

The Hydra is a creature inside of the Mark of the Beast which has its origin in Greek mythology. It is a constellation which sits in front of Virgo, the Virgin, who is a representation of Israel, and it is a beast in the Bible. It makes me think God was trying to warn us all along to watch out for a multi-headed creature.

It seems like something out of a Sci-Fi film, not something any of us would have considered to be real. But it is very real and very much a danger to humanity.

If this is the reason God Raptures us away then we are right there at the door just seconds away from being caught up to His throne. It is extremely exciting and looks to be giving us a new view of the prophecies of Revelation and Daniel.

Let me know what you think about this in the comments below.

I have more topics I will be tackling soon. Have a great week. I hope we see eachother in the Father’s house very soon. God bless each and every one of you. Shalom.


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