Knowledge From the Holy Spirit About Revelation 14

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 196 total views Suggested Videos The 144,000 Sealed – A Holy Spirit Revelation The Thief Is Coming – Rapture Confirmation! A Quart of Wheat For A Day’s Wages The Two Witnesses Are Coming and The Job Of The Messengers Is Over Happy Sabbath my brothers and sisters! It’s been a while since […]

The 144,000 Sealed – A Holy Spirit Revelation

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 239 total views Suggested Videos The 144,000 Are The Kohanim – Priests of God The Bride Who Has Chosen To Stay Remain In The Lord’s Refuge – Enemies Surround You Bride of Christ – You Are Not As Filthy Rags Hey brothers and sisters! I have something new that the Lord revealed […]

Only The Blood of the Lamb Will Save You (Uncensored)

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 703 total views Hey brothers and sisters! I hope you’re having a great week. Several weeks ago, as I was reading through the Book of Exodus, something jumped out at me and the Holy Spirit began giving me some revelation. As we know, the venom is the Mark of the Beast. If you don’t know this […]

The Blood On The Moon – Children Sacrificed To Molech

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 591 total views Hey everybody! I didn’t think I’d be back so soon, but the Lord has laid something on my spirit. The other night, when I was putting my last message together, I had seen something in Stellarium. I didn’t talk about it because I didn’t feel that it was part of the message I […]

The Love of God

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 368 total views Hello brothers and sisters. It’s Wednesday morning. I hope you are all having a blessed week. In my last message, I told you all I would be doing more Bible studies unless the Lord gives me a dream or message to speak. And I have a few things I want to do some […]

Has The Tribulation Begun?

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 1,118 total views                         As we see Biblical fulfillments taking place in our current world, many have wondered, ‘Are we in the Tribulation?’ We’re like children always asking, “Are we there yet?” Today, on October 17th, 2021, my answer to that question is no. Here’s why.                          The Ezekiel 38 War has not happened yet. In […]