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                        Hello for the third and final time this week. Welcome to my channel if you have never been here and welcome back if you are subscribed.

                        In my last two messages, I spoke encouragements regarding God’s protection in our battles with the enemy and about God’s timing and blessings for those who wait patiently. In this message, I have a warning. Please take heed to this warning and please prepare yourself for what is coming.

                        On the morning of August 1st I was given a dream. I saw masses of people gathering together and they were terrified. I was standing among them and I wrapped my arms around the lady in front of me, to shield her. Then I saw a tall black man stand in the middle of the crowd speaking a prayer, but the prayer was demonic.

                        I just want to say that I am not a racial person. If this man had been white, I would have said he was white or if he had been Hispanic, I would have said he was Hispanic. I do not give partiality to any skin color and I am not a racially motivated person. I just wanted to let you know that before going forward because I do not want anyone saying I’m being racist.

                        So the man’s prayer uplifted Satan but I don’t think anyone but myself noticed. When he was finished, he walked to an elevator and stood with Barack Obama. The man smiled and did a little dance as the doors closed and the elevator began going down.

                        I have no idea where the elevator was going to. It could have been going down to a bunker, it could have been going down to hell, I don’t know.

                        I sensed that something terrifying was about to happen but I didn’t know what. And it seemed that we were all gathered together outside on a bridge. I don’t know what significance that has, whether it’s a literal bridge or a bridge that is metaphorical. I was not given an interpretation on this, I was only made to understand certain things.

                        After I woke up, I had to feed my cats and then I went back to bed. As I laid in bed trying to get back to sleep, I was thinking about the dream, trying to understand it, and I began to hear the song, ‘I’ll Fly Away’.

                        It has just now occurred to me that since the man was doing a dance in the elevator, as he stood next to Barack Obama, this may be a hint that the event that takes place will be one that is planned and brought by certain powers and authorities of this nation.

                        I believe the mass of people were standing on a bridge, terrified of what we knew was coming. As I stated before, I do not know if this bridge was literal or metaphorical. If literal, it could be a tsunami that we were in fear of. If metaphorical, it could represent where we are right now standing on the bridge between this world and heaven, waiting for the destruction to come.

                         I believe the warning here is that something is coming, it is imminent, and we cannot trust those who seem to have good intentions, trying to bring words of peace. These people are agents of Satan.

                        Jesus, our Lord, Savior, and Bridegroom is coming for His Bride and I believe it is imminent. We need to be ready and prepared for Him. We do not know at what hour He will come, but we know we are in the season of His return. The prophecies of the last days are being fulfilled all around us. We are seeing the signs.

                       Do not have fear. Trust in Jesus. Be fully surrendered to Him and stand in faith. Read His Word daily so that the enemy cannot confuse you and lead you astray. Cut off all distractions and draw closer to Jesus. He desires this from us now.

                        Some of you may be feeling like you can’t feel Him or you can’t hear Him anymore. He says to spend more time with Him. He desires our praise and worship and He desires our full attention. It’s the distractions that are causing the blockage.

                        I am very confident we will be seeing eachother soon. Jared Mueller from The Unleashing on YouTube has a rapture video he put out not too long ago and he talks about how God confirmed to him that the rapture is this year. I’ll put the link in the description box or if you’re viewing this on my website, just click the link that says ‘Jared Mueller’ if you’re interested in watching it.

                         Have a great weekend everybody. God willing, we’ll be in the Father’s house soon. God bless you and shalom.