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Hello brothers and sisters! I’m sorry I didn’t upload anything last week. I’ve been so busy with things around the house, trying to spend time with my husband, and gathering with the in-laws once a week for dinner. Plus, I recently restocked my pantry. It’s been hard to get the chance to sit down and do a video. But here I am and I hope you are all doing well.

Today I want to share a dream I was given this past Sunday morning (February 20th, 2022). This has to be one of my most favorite dreams because I was spending time with the Father and I always love to see Him.

In this dream, I was in the Father’s house. I was living there as if I had grown up there. In the context of the spirit, I have grown up there! Anyone who has given their life to Christ in full surrender has grown up there. But in this dream, it was just me and the Father.

I was complaining to Him that my cats wouldn’t let me sleep. And that was something that was really happening that morning. My cats kept coming and going from my bed and from my bedroom. They kept making noise and my littlest one likes to get in bed and cuddle with me, but he likes to bite my face. So I was getting annoyed and this crossed over into the dream.

I walked out of my room, still in my pajamas, and I was telling the Father that I was annoyed with my cats because they wouldn’t let me sleep. Then He reminded me that He’s a physician, a healer. He told me He had a patient coming to see Him and as He was saying this, I saw two women get out of their car and come to the door.

Father stood at the top of the stairs putting on a white lab coat. I smiled.

Then we were outside together. Coming out the back door of the house, there was a bridge that went out to an island. We stood on the island; I stood at the western facing edge and He stood back behind me. The island had a pretty tree with flowers and green grass. It was beautiful. But then as I stood at the edge of the island, I saw a swarm of alligators or crocodiles. They weren’t trying to come up on the island, it was as if there was a barrier and they couldn’t climb out of the water. Then I was given the understanding that I must remain on this island which is the Lord’s refuge because the enemies were surrounding me.

With that understanding, the dream ended.

When I woke up, I was so thankful to have gotten the chance to see the Father and to spend time with Him again. I thanked Him for this dream and prayed that we might be able to do this again.

The dream remained upon my spirit and on Monday afternoon, I saw two other children of Christ put out messages speaking about something coming and that we need to be in the refuge of Christ. This prompted me to put up a message on my Community where I wrote about the last part of my dream and tried to encourage everyone to remain in the refuge of Christ. That message was not well received.

Many in the Body of Christ are speaking about something starting and about being in the refuge of Christ. The Holy Father gave me this message personally, to remain in the refuge which is like an island. Our enemies surround us, but as long as we are in the Lord’s refuge, we are safe.

This is what I wrote on Monday, February 21st, 2022, on my Community page.

 ‘If you are in the refuge of Jesus Christ, remain in His refuge. There are predators all around you.

The refuge of Jesus is like an island where there is a bridge to the house of the Father. You should not try to leave the island or the Father’s house. Leaving will only cause you great harm.

The predators that are all around you seek to destroy you, but they cannot get to you as long as you are in the refuge of Jesus.

I heard the Holy Spirit say, “You must be careful who you listen to. Some of the predators are those you listen to.” Some of these predators seek your attention so they can fill your ears with lies. You must pray for the Lord’s protection over your eyes, ears, and mind so that the enemy may not gain entrance and deceive you. He cannot touch you directly, but if you allow him, he can kill your spirit or corrupt your spirit at the very least.

Remain at God’s side at all times. Remain in His refuge and His protection will be upon you. Listen to His voice only and take all things to Him in prayer.

We are now in a very dangerous time and we must cling to our Holy Father at all times.’

You may wonder how anyone can leave or stray from the refuge of Christ and that happens when people fall back to worldly things that are not of Christ. You stop spending time with Him, you stop reading His Word, and you fill your time with other things; distractions that take your mind and spirit away from Him. If you continue to remain in worldly things, you will stop hearing the Lord when He’s trying to speak to you. The Holy Spirit will stop flowing from you. I know about this all too well. It’s happened to me at different periods in my walk with the Lord.

Just watching a secular movie can rip your spirit completely away from the Lord and the next thing you know you don’t want to pray, you don’t want to sing praises, you don’t want to worship or read the Word of God. You may not even feel like listening to other Christians! This has happened to me!

It only takes one bad decision for a demon to come along and infiltrate you. And just a touch of that dark spirit can spread all through you. That doesn’t mean you’ve lost your salvation. It means you’ve taken a wrong turn and you need to get back in to the light of Christ as quickly as possible. You need to repent and ask the Lord to restore you. If you don’t deal with the demon that has caused you to fall into darkness, it won’t go away and sooner or later you will lose your salvation.

It is so imperative that we must cling to the Lord now. We must come away from all worldly things that intend to drive us into darkness and onto the broad path and we must draw as close to Christ as possible. He will keep us safe from all that surrounds us and intends to harm us. He is our refuge.

And at this time, there are many who seek to lead you astray to false doctrines and to just lies in general.

Believe it or not, there are many false Christians who claim to know Christ, who claim to hear from Christ. But if you have the Holy Spirit in you and if you listen to Him, He’ll tell you who is of Christ and who isn’t. He’ll tell you when something is true or false. He will safe guard you from those things that seek to harm you.

So please, please, please, do not fill your eyes and ears with things that are not of Christ. Your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit and you need to keep that temple clean and holy. You need to practice a strict diet of reading and hearing His Word only and nothing else. This goes for me too. His voice needs to be the only voice that leads us and in order to hear it clearly, we must purge out all of the other noise. I know this can be hard, especially if you live with children or a spouse who hasn’t given their life to the Lord. They want to watch television and listen to music and it’s not going to be holy. You have to remove yourself from that. You need to spend time with your kids and your spouse but try to let them understand that you need to keep your spirit and mind holy and free from worldly influence. You can spend time together in other ways that don’t involve entertainment. If you must be entertained, watch things that are wholesome and family oriented. Occasionally, my husband and I like to watch funny animal videos. It can be challenging, but this is where the Lord is directing us.

I hope this has encouraged you and maybe inspired you to draw closer to the Lord. In this time when the world is so full of darkness, it’s time to fill our lives with the light of Christ. If you agree, say Amen.

God bless each and every one of you. Our Lord is coming quickly. I hope to see you in the Father’s house. Maranatha and shalom.