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Hey all! I have been blessed with three dreams this week. I thought I would be getting back to Bible Study but the Lord is still confirming things and giving me revelations. So I am here passing these revelations on to you.

As I have said many times, please take all things to God in prayer so that He may confirm them to you and give you understanding and revelation. Do not trust the words of man, including myself, your humble sister. Trust only in Christ and in His Holy Spirit.

I am called by God to be a Watchman, but He is always the final authority and every word should always be taken to Him and to His Word for confirmation.

Things are getting very exciting for the Bride. But for those who will be left behind, things are going to get very scary.

My first dream for the week came on March 9th, in the morning. I went out to a lake and I put some eggs on a leaf and floated them out into the water. I understood they were fish eggs and I worried that something might get them and eat them.

The season was warm and everything seemed normal. I believe it was Spring; that is when all creatures begin to deliver their offspring. In the case of fish, they spawn in the early Spring and then again in the late Summer just before Autumn.

After I put the eggs in the water, the season changed to Winter. There was suddenly snow on the ground and I made my way back to the lake to see about those eggs. I wanted to know if they’d hatched.

I walked down a slope and I crossed over a stream and I found that the lake was dried up. There was no water, no fish, no reptiles of any kind. But I did see some eggs that had hatched, along with some stuff you’d expect to find at the bottom of a lake. I felt the ground and it still seemed wet. I didn’t understand what had happened. But I knew that it had taken place suddenly.

I continued walking across the lake bed and it just looked like desert for miles. Then I began walking onto snow covered ground again and I understood it was Western Michigan as I began seeing a map overlaid onto the ground. The first city I saw was Grand Rapids.

I called my mom about coming to see her. My sisters and I were discussing the gift we were going to buy for our mother. Then I woke up and I understood that the lake in the dream was Lake Michigan. The stream or river I had crossed over to get to the lake must have been the Illinois River. As I have looked at the map and remember which way I walked to and from the lake, this is what makes sense.

Though I have prayed for revelation about this dream, I am not clear about the dream’s meaning. So please pray about this. If Lake Michigan dries up somehow, it will take place suddenly between Spring and Winter. I am not saying this will take place this year. I do not know if or when this will take place, I only know what I saw.

After I had discovered the lake all dried up in the dream, I was going to visit my mother and my sisters and I were discussing a gift we were going to get for her. Since it was Winter, it wouldn’t have been a Mother’s Day gift, as Mother’s Day is in May. And it wouldn’t have been a birthday gift as her birthday is in July. So my only conclusion is that it must have been a Christmas gift. I do not celebrate Christmas any longer so the gift may have been symbolic.

Later that afternoon, I took a nap and I was given my second dream. I can’t remember the details as the dream is a bit hazy. I only remember riding around in my new truck with my husband and I was told to be ready by May. In the dream, I understood that something bad was coming and it seemed we were in a hurry to get somewhere.

The 9th of March was the day I was given these two dreams and it was on that day in 2020 that I was visited by an angel in a dream, which was also on Purim, and I was told that I am in the refuge of the Lord. Then about five days later, the nationwide quarantines happened.

On May 6th, 2022, the Sun will be in Aries. This marks the 1st month called Abib. There is also a new moon on this day which confirms the 1st day of the 1st month.

True Passover will fall on May 20th.

Passover is the timeframe the Lord has been leading me to in regards to the Rapture since 2018. If you saw my video ‘Passover 2022’, you understand what I am referring to. I have given a high watch time from the end of February to Passover, which looks like it will be in late May.

My third dream came this afternoon, also during my nap time. I had a dream of a man who was moving out of his house and moving to a completely different place, to a bigger home, and a job promotion.

Many people came to see his house and wanted it.

For a moment, I was awakened by my cats who were either hungry or wanted to snuggle. But then I fell back to sleep and the dream continued.

A woman went to see the man’s house and it was everything she dreamed.

The man sat in his car, driving around the neighborhood, waiting for the people to clear out of his house, and was on the phone with his realtor.

This dream symbolizes that some in the Body of Christ are moving out and moving up, while others are getting ready to move in.

What does that mean?!

Usually in my dreams I am the one that is going through something or experiencing something from a first person view. This dream was a rare viewpoint where I watched someone else experiencing something. In this case, the other person was a man which I believe is symbolic of Christ or the Body of Christ. The realtor on the phone was the Holy Spirit. The house that is being sold is our calling or job in the kingdom. The fact that the house is being sold means the Pre-Trib Watchmen, Pastors, Teachers, Apostles, and all who have a part in the building of the kingdom are done with what we’ve been called to do.

The Kingdom Builders or the Pre-Trib Body of Christ are moving out and moving up. We are moving to a bigger house, a mansion, and we are about to be promoted to a new job in the kingdom.

Right now, we are just circling the neighborhood, waiting to move forward.

There are many who are eager to take our place. They’ve been eyeing our positions for a while and are ready to move in. They will be the Tribulation Saints who gather the last harvest before the Lord comes to set up His kingdom here on earth.

This was the second dream I’ve received that has revealed to me others coming to take our place.

It must have been in August of 2017, after I had my hysterectomy, that I was given a dream where I was in the hospital in a room. Then I was released and while I sat waiting for someone to come and pick me up, out in the waiting room, I could see down the hall to the room I was just in and someone else was already in there. Then I turned to the window and looked up at the sky. At that time, I understood that I would be passing on the torch or the baton to someone else as I prepared to go home.

Today, I was given a confirmation of that. Rhonda Empson also spoke of this recently.

As I stated about a month or so ago, the job of the Pre-Trib Saints is over and the Two Witnesses are coming to take over. Along with them will be Tribulation Saints who continue the work we have been doing to bring in the last harvest and who awaken Israel.

We see WW3 beginning and things are really escalating as the Seals are breaking and the Lord is confirming more and more every day that our departure is very near.

Many in the Body of Christ are even spiritually falling back to sleep as I was shown in mid 2017 when the Lord revealed to me that at the time of the Marriage Supper, many would go off to take a spiritual nap. These are the foolish virgins who have fallen away and are choosing not to hear the truth, but are instead allowing themselves to be deceived.

Everything is falling into place. Prophecy is being fulfilled. And the Lord is returning at any given moment to snatch away those who are watching and waiting for Him. Do not be deceived by those who teach that the Feast of Trumpets HAS to be the time of the Rapture. This is not true. All you have to do is read the Word of God to understand that Jesus comes for His Bride when Summer is near and when all are saying ‘Peace and Safety’.

Ezekiel 38-39 tells us about the Battle of Gog and Daniel 11 tells us that the King of the North will come to his end. Then the Antichrist will move forward in conquering the nations.

We must have knowledge of Biblical Prophecy and we must understand where we are in the fulfillments of the prophecies. Nowhere in the Bible does it say the Rapture will occur on the Feast of Trumpets.

Yes, the Feast of Trumpets has been coined as the Day That Is Unknown or the Mysterious Day, if you will. And, yes, Jesus told us that no man knows the day or the hour of His coming. But He was not referring to or giving us a clue that the Rapture is on the Feast of Trumpets. I used to believe this too until the Holy Spirit showed me otherwise.

We are the Body of Christ and just as Christ, our head, was sacrificed for our sins on Passover, we too must be joined to Him at Passover. The Bride and Bridegroom are one. The Head and the Body fit together as one. And if that’s not enough to convince you, Luke 22:15 says,

Then He said to them, “With fervent desire I have desired to eat this Passover with you before I suffer; for I say to you, I will no longer eat of it until it is fulfilled in the kingdom of God.”

Until what is fulfilled? The Passover meal? As in the Marriage Supper, which is also called The Marriage Supper of The Lamb? That meal? Yes, that meal.

Jesus told us He would not eat the Passover meal again until He was in the Kingdom of God! And We will not take part in this Passover meal until We are with Him!

The Lamb is always synonymous with Passover! Revelation 19:7 refers to the Marriage Supper as the Marriage Supper of the Lamb!

Let us be glad and rejoice and give Him glory, for the marriage of the Lamb has come, and His wife has made herself ready.”

Even in Matthew 22, Jesus refers to the Wedding as a dinner or feast. Nowhere in scripture is the Rapture referred to along with the Feast of Trumpets. We have concluded that because we have seen scriptures that speak about the catching away or that parallel the Rapture, such as 1 Thessalonians 4:16 or Exodus 19 and these scriptures speak of a trumpet sounding. But it has always been a tradition in royal kingdoms that when an announcement is about to be made, a trumpet is blown to get everyone’s attention. The sounding of a trumpet does not refer to the Trumpet Judgments of Revelation and it does not refer to the Feast of Trumpets, when it is announced that a new year has begun.

We have come to believe the Feast of Trumpets is the timing of the Rapture because we hear this so much from nearly everyone who calls themselves a pastor. So we never look to any other timeframe because we believe all these so called pastors must be right. But this is why I always say to listen only to the Holy Spirit and not to anyone else. The Holy Spirit is the only one who can truly give you revelation of all things. Men reveal what is in their flesh. The Holy Spirit reveals pure truth as He is God and God cannot lie.

I predict that Russia will go against Israel on Passover, just as Pharaoh went after the Hebrews on Passover as they were being led out of Egypt. This is not a word or prophecy from the Holy Spirit, this is just me in my flesh thinking that day would be perfectly symbolic and a repeat of history.

What I am 100% sure of is that the Bride is taken before the nukes fall on America. I have been shown this many times. Right now, that threat is very real. It would be very hard to imagine Gog waiting another six months to destroy America. I don’t believe this battle will play out that long.

Anyway, just giving you all a heads up that Spring has come and the Catching Away is closer than you realize.

Draw closely to the Lord now and do not be led into distractions. This is the time to remain awake and alert. Our departure will come at any moment.

I hope to see you all in the Father’s house. I love each and every one of you. God bless you and shalom.