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            This morning, January 18, 2023, in the three o’clock hour, I was awakened by the pinched nerve in my neck. I was trying to move and was uncomfortable. Then I had to get up and go to the bathroom. When I got back in bed, the Lord layed upon my spirit a last call for the lost and backslidden.

             If you are already saved, please share this with anyone who isn’t.

             Those of you who are not saved, not living your life in Christ, I have not come to shame you, but to encourage you. I have come to remind you that Jesus Christ died so that you could choose to live a sanctified life of holiness and righteousness.

              In your sin, you are bound in a prison where sin controls you. Jesus died so that you could be set free. He has opened the door for you so that you can choose to walk out of your cell and not be bound any longer.

               Many of you are choosing to remain in that prison cell. There is nothing and no one keeping you there except your own excuses.

               You don’t have to be controlled by sin, you are choosing to be.

                Jesus loves you and He wants to give you eternal life. He wants to bless you and give you things you never even imagined.

                But if you do not choose Him now, how will you choose Him when the Tribulation comes and the struggles get harder?

                The struggles of this world today are just the beginning of things to come. The food shortages will turn to famine. Soon, the stores will become smaller and smaller until they go out of business because they have nothing left to sell.

                 In the Tribulation, if you choose Christ you will have to separate yourself from this world. You will have to live as though you’re dead. Underground or off-grid, you will have to cut yourself off from everything and everyone. There will be no Holy Spirit to guide you and direct you, only the written Word of God and the left behind testimonies of those who have escaped.

                  Christians will be hunted and killed for denying the Mark of the Beast and for their denial of worship toward the Antichrist.

                  How will you choose Christ then when you won’t even choose Him now, when it is much easier and you still have the freedom to do so?

                   You have no comprehension of what the Tribulation will be like. No one does! Even those who walk in Christ today cannot comprehend the horrors and the hardship that is coming.

                   This is the last call of the Holy Spirit, of Jesus Christ, and of God, the Father. Come to salvation now. Choose Jesus Christ NOW before it is too late; before the escape is no longer an option and before you no longer have the freedom.

                    You do not want to be left here after the Rapture. You do not want to have to die for your salvation. The Father told me to rest and sent me into His refuge several months ago. But today He called me to send one last message to you because Jesus is coming quickly and so is the judgment and devastation that will follow.

                     Do not turn a deaf ear. Do not ignore this call.

                     Today you have the opportunity to choose salvation and eternity in Christ or remain in sin, having only hellfire and eternal punishment to look forward to. The choice is yours. But remember, Jesus isn’t keeping you in that jail cell and He isn’t sending you to hell. The choice is yours and yours alone. He came so that you could be free.