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       Hello brothers and sisters! It’s been a little bit since I uploaded a video. And I do have a couple of dreams to share. But I want to talk about why I was given those dreams first.

       For those of you who don’t know, my husband and I were forced out of our apartment back in October. We’d lived there for twenty years and were suddenly asked to leave.

       I prayed about our need and the Lord provided for us a big farm house about thirteen miles outside of town. We’re actually living in a completely different town now. And since we’ve moved here we’ve had our struggles.

       We are now depending on propane as our heat source. We’ve never had propane before. In our city apartment, we had natural gas.

        Our house was built back in 1886 so it has no insulation. We’ve had to put plastic over the windows to keep the excess air out.

        As we were about to move into the house, someone my husband works with told him that his family used to live here and he said it’s haunted. This made me very apprehensive about moving in and I started praying for the Lord to cleanse the house.

         I never felt another presence here, certainly not an evil one! But I still prayed for the Lord’s protection and I began to spend my nights singing praise and worship songs as I unpacked and organized things in the house. Every night, I felt more and more safe.

         The house is so far out of the main town in our county that it’s hard to get internet, cable, satellite, or a good phone service. There is a small telephone and internet business here, but they wanted $150 deposit to start service at my house and we couldn’t afford to pay that plus the cost of the monthly payment. So for a little over a month, we were without services.

           This past week, I was finally able to buy a new phone and get service through AT&T. I’m spending more than I’d like to, but it’s my only way of having internet and communication for now.

            Another issue my husband and I have had in this house is mice. We haven’t seen any out on our floors or anything yet, but we’ve heard them in the walls and I saw one go over the light in our living room ceiling. It’s a clear glass tile in the ceiling with a light inside of it. The mice would be between the bottom and upstairs floors.

              We have a fireplace in our bedroom and I had to block the vents so the mice couldn’t come through. The fireplace itself has a door or gate and it stays shut. Blocking the vents also helped with keeping the excess air out.

               And the last thing we’ve struggled with is our health. Since about the week right after Thanksgiving, we’ve been sick with an upper respiratory infection and then with a head cold.

               So things have been challenging for us and I have clung to the Lord and trusted in Him every day to be our provider and healer. He has been with us every day.

               With all the struggles we’ve had, I prayed and asked the Lord why He chose to send us here to this house. Then He gave me a dream.

                In this dream, I saw a little girl. She was wearing a spring dress that was white and had little flowers on it. A frightening looking man was stalking her. She knew and sensed his presence and suddenly a wardrobe appeared in front of her. The wardrobe had a rack of dresses that looked exactly like hers.

                 She walked into the wardrobe and vanished. The frightening man who was stalking her could no longer see her.

                 When I woke up from the dream, I understood that the little girl represented me and all of God’s children. He is protecting us from the enemy who stalks us constantly, night and day, by cloaking us and making us invisible in plain sight.

                  Father God may be moving us to new places or finding other ways to move us into His refuge where we are kept safe from the enemy.

                  Another dream I was given in my time of isolation, just this last week!

                  In that dream, myself and others were working a job. It looked like we were working in construction. Which makes sense considering we are helping to build the kingdom of God as we preach and teach and plant seeds of salvation.

                  As we were working, many of us got pulled from our jobs and were taken to a vehicle where we got in and the doors were closed and locked. One woman began freaking out and started throwing a tantrum, telling everyone to let her out. She said, “You can’t do this! I still have work to do! Let me out!”

                   I don’t know whether she was let out or not. But then the driver turned around and said, “You’re about to become a princess.” End of dream.

                   This message was another clear message that our job is done and that the Lord is about to come and take His Bride into His refuge and kingdom where we will take our positions.

                    Just before my husband and I were evicted from our apartment at the beginning of October, I was given a dream where Father God appeared to me as an old farmer. He was wearing jean overalls and had a hat on his head. He spoke to me and said, “There’s nothing left for you to do but go home and rest.” Then He began loading things into the backend of a truck.

                    This was my first message that my job was over. Then when He moved us out into a rural town where we struggled to get internet and cable tv, that was another indicator that my job was over and he wanted me to just rest. And the Holy Spirit even spoke that to me one day. He said, “Just rest.” When my husband and I got sick, it was hard to do anything else but rest!

                     Now I’ve had my second dream where He pulls me from my job and loads me into a car and makes it clear that I’m about to leave this earth and go into His kingdom.

                     Please pay attention to whatever He’s telling you right now and to wherever He’s leading you. He may also be telling you that your job is over. Don’t be like that woman who refused to go with the Lord or His angels. She wasn’t ready to give up this life and whatever job she thought she still needed to do. She wanted to remain here. That was her choice! Anyone else who refuses the Lord’s instruction or refuses to follow Him will also be making that choice to be left behind. So if He’s telling you to rest, then rest. If He’s pulling you away from the calling you’ve been in then let Him take you wherever He desires to take you.

                     As for me, this will be my last video. I will continue to put stuff up in my Community if He leads me, but He has made it clear that my job is over. He wants me to rest until He comes.

                     I want you all to be encouraged because this means He’s coming very quickly. Every message I’ve heard this week from everyone I’m subscribed to on YouTube has been about the Lord coming for His remnant and His judgments coming upon the earth. He continues to say there’s no more time. And I’ve been reminded that this is the season He’s spoken to me about in years past where the economic collapse happens, when W-A-R comes, when the sudden eclipse happens and darkness comes, and when the Marriage Supper happens at Christmas.

                     I’m not saying the Rapture will happen at Christmas, but I did have a dream back in early 2016 that I went to see my grandmother who had already passed on about 13 years earlier and I was supposed to help her with making dinner. She was helping to prepare the Supper of The Lamb. In her house, there was a Christmas Tree decorated in her living room. And she also had one recliner chair pointed at a television set. On the television, there was an ariel view of New York City and I could see missiles coming down.

                     Yes, I know God does not desire that we put up Christmas trees and decorate them because that’s what the pagans do and there will be no televisions in Heaven because they are a tool of the devil which he uses to brainwash and lead people away from God. But these things that I saw in Heaven were used to show me the timing of my arrival and what will be happening on earth after I get there.

                      Many other Christians have been led to Christmas as a watch time for the Lord. I myself have been led to this time since 2015.

                      Because the Lord is calling many of us away from our ministries, I firmly believe that He is coming this season. Someone else spoke a message this week saying, ‘He will not delay’, it might have been Edward Umling. So please get your spiritual houses in order and keep them in order. Be ready for Jesus. Do not let Him catch you in something or some place you shouldn’t be. He is coming very imminently and you do not want to miss Him.

                       In a way I’m sad to be leaving this ministry because I’ve enjoyed it so much, even in the times when people came against me or when I noticed the numbers of subscribers falling off. That made me sad, but I still enjoyed and was thankful that the Lord allowed me to minister for Him. I am honored that He used me as one of His vessels and I am thankful for everyone He led to my channel. I’ve met some really sweet people here that I hope to see in the air. You all have truly become my family over these past ten years and I love you all so much.

                        Thank you for sticking with me. God bless you and shalom.