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                     Hey guys! I hope you had a great holiday. I haven’t uploaded anything in a little while. I’ve just been taking some time out for some rest. Sometimes you just have to get away and take a breather. But this week, I will have several messages to upload. I don’t actually know if I’ll get them all up this week, but some of them will go up this week atleast. If I can’t get them all up, I will continue uploading next week.

                        On April the 27th, 2021, I had two dreams before 4 in the morning.

                        In the first dream, there was a girl who was dating a man who was a rebel. He wore the leather jacket and had the slicked back hair. For those of you who are older, he was ‘Rebel Without A Cause’. If you don’t know what I mean by that, look it up.

                        So this girl was dating this man who was a rebel and she didn’t want her father to find out about him. She was trying to keep their relationship a secret. The man’s ex-girlfriend pretended she was fine with their relationship and she wished them well. She even seemed like she was trying to befriend the girl who was now dating her ex-boyfriend. But the ex-girlfriend betrayed the new girlfriend by telling her father about the two of them.

                        Now, girl #1 who was afraid to tell her father, I saw her standing under a shower, which was in the open public, with all of her clothes on. Then after she came out of the shower, she began to dry off and discovered that her father had learned about her relationship with the rebel. Her father was furious and she was heartbroken. That was the end of that dream.

                        In the second dream, I was getting ready to go on a trip and I was a child again. I went to my sisters and was telling them goodbye. They were helping with some construction project. It was supposed to be road construction, but it looked like they were in a building.

                        I was talking to one of my sisters about the trip; she asked me where I was going and I told her but I was not allowed to remember this detail after waking up. My sister asked me where I would eat and I told her, “Some place within walking distance.” Then I went on my way and I saw my other sister. She gave me a pie and told me it had been under some t-shirts and stuff. Laughing, I told her, “You know what they say, you can’t buy a pie without some sheets!” Then she replied, “So what kind of sheets are you buying?” I laughed and went on my way, picking up treats as I went. Then at 4a.m. my alarm went off and woke me up.

                        When I woke up, I was happy and still felt the spirit of a child as I prayed. It is also important to note that I was supposed to leave for my trip after telling my family goodbye.

                         The understanding of the first dream is this. The girl is the lukewarm church. The rebel is Satan and the ex-girlfriend is those who used to be in relationship with Satan. The father is of course, Father God. The lukewarm church is trying to hide the fact that they are having a relationship with Satan. They don’t want God to know, but of course, He knows all things. However, the sins of the lukewarm church are being revealed and uncovered.

                         When the girl got in the shower with all of her clothes on, that was a representation of the lukewarm church’s baptism. Though the Holy Spirit has been poured upon them, they remained with their clothes on which were worldly garments and so they never actually got clean. In order to be cleansed and purified by the Holy Spirit, we must be stripped of all worldly things. But the lukewarm church has refused to be stripped and made pure.

                        God is furious with them.

                        In this dream, I didn’t see Him pouring out any judgments or anything. When He confronted the girl (who is the lukewarm church) He let her know that He knew about her transgression and then He walked away from her, leaving her heartbroken.

                        This is representative of what will happen at the Rapture when the lukewarm are left behind. They will understand that God has left them and turned His back on them and many of them will be heartbroken.

                         The understanding of the second dream is that I had the spirit of a child. In the dream, I believe I was in elementary school. It felt like I was around the age of maybe 12.

                         Matthew 18:3 says, “Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven…”

                         So in the dream I was a child preparing to go on a trip. It was a class trip and I was saying goodbye to my family. This is representative of the Bride of Christ getting ready to go in the Rapture. We are saying goodbye to those who will be left behind.

                         One of my sisters was asking me where I’m going and where I’m going to eat. I did tell her where I was going and I told her that I would be walking to wherever I go to eat. In heaven there will be no cars. I will have to either walk wherever I go or I will be transported by the speed of thought.

                        My other sister gave me a pie which I believe represents a blessing. It has been my understanding in past dreams, whenever I’ve been given sweet treats they represent the Lord’s blessings. And in this particular dream, the pie or blessing was in an unexpected place, under t-shirts and other stuff.

                       I’m not sure why I told my sister, “You know what they say, you can’t buy a pie without some sheets!” I have no idea what the significance of that is. The pie represents a blessing and maybe the sheets represent rest? So maybe the blessing is rest? The Rapture is about us entering into our rest.

                       When I left my sisters behind, I went on my way and picked up more sweet treats as I went. This may represent an outpouring of blessings.

                        Another thing I had almost forgotten is that my sisters were helping with a construction project that was supposed to be road construction, but it seemed like it was in a building. I believe the building represents the world and the road they were supposed to be reconstructing is perhaps the new ways of the world which will come after the Rapture.

                        My sisters were happy for me, but they were content with where they were. When I woke up, I still felt the spirit of a child within me.

                       So the message here is that God is furious with the lukewarm church and those who walk in the spirit of a child are going to be blessed and we will leave this world and enter in to our rest. We are saying our final goodbyes now and soon we will be on our way.

                       If you are one of the lukewarm, you may not know that you are. Being lukewarm means that you are trying to be in Christ but you are also trying to be in the world which is enmity with God. God requires that we surrender ourselves completely 100% to Christ and that we come away from all of the things of this world. We are not to do the things that the world does, we are not to act or talk like the world. We are to walk in the Spirit and in the ways of Christ. Jesus did not spend His time in entertainment, He did not spend His time with sinners in bars or dance clubs except when He was trying to win souls to salvation…and before you correct me, yes, I know there were no bars or dance clubs in His time on this earth. I was trying to make a point about not spending your time with drunkards or people who indulge in the flesh.

                      His Word outlines what is acceptable and what is not acceptable. Yes, He died for our sins, but He died so that we could be set free from our sins so that we wouldn’t be enslaved to them or bound to them anymore. He died so that we could be free to live in holiness and have peace and light. If you are surrendered to Christ, you can tell the devil to take a hike. You can rebuke him and have the power of Christ within you so that the devil has no choice but to flee. But if you remain in your sins, if you try to rebuke the devil, he will laugh at you and he will not obey your command because you do not have the power of Christ within you. That power comes from the Holy Spirit and in order for the Holy Spirit to live within you, you must allow Him to strip you clean from all worldly and fleshly things. The worldly, fleshly things are sin and if you refuse to come away from these things, you are refusing to allow the Holy Spirit to lead you and purify you. His job is to make you into a new creation, born of His Spirit and dead to the spirit of the flesh. But if you reject the work He desires to do within you, He will not stay and you will not be saved.

                       God sees the lukewarm the same as He sees the lost, with one exception. The lukewarm accept Jesus Christ as the Savior and the Son of God, the lost do not. God is furious with the lukewarm because they could be changed, they could be made holy and righteous, the power of Christ could be manifested through them as it is with the Bride, but they refuse to change. They don’t want to be transformed. They don’t want to live the life of Christ. They love the idea of Christ, a man who chose to sacrifice Himself so that all may have eternal life and salvation through Him. But they can’t accept what He taught; living a life of holiness and righteousness in obedience to God. So Father God will turn His back on them and He will leave them behind to suffer the wrath and Tribulation with everyone else.

                        Pray for them in what little time we have left. Pray that the seeds we have planted may grow. Pray that their hearts may be softened, that their eyes and ears may be opened, and that they may be awakened to God’s truth. I believe many may be changed in the Tribulation. Sadly, they will have to go through many hardships and will ultimately have to die for their salvation, but in the end, they will be welcomed into God’s kingdom and they will have eternal life.

                       For those of us who are surrendered to God and do our best to walk with Christ daily, our time here is very short. We may be taken at any moment.

                        Be ready and pray daily that you are found worthy to escape all that is coming.

                        I pray that this message has encouraged you and has helped you in your relationship with the Lord. He gives us these messages for our encouragement and to keep us filled with hope. So praise Him and thank Him for His revelations and for His encouragement. All praise and glory to God, our Father and Creator, to His Son Yeshua, our Savior and Bridegroom, and to His Holy Spirit.

                        God bless each and every one of you. I will be back with another message after this. Shalom.