It is because of opinions and teachers like this that cause people to stop trusting in the Bible. Now more than ever, Christians believe the Bible is NOT the Word of God. But if the Bible is not the Word of God, who spoke to the men who wrote it? Who inspired them to write the words that were written?

First they state that the Bible is not the Word of God then they will say we don’t have to follow the words that are written. THIS is the slippery slope!

We have salvation only if we have unwavering faith believing that what is written is true. When you stop believing that, where is your salvation? Where is your faith?

Stop believing the lies of Satan and the lies of these false teachers and BELIEVE the Holy written Word of God.

1 John 4:1 says: Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits, whether they are of God; because many false prophets have gone out into the world.

How can we test the spirits if not by the written Word of God? If we are to just believe every voice we hear is the voice of God, we would believe a lot of confusing and contradicting things because not every voice is saying the same thing.

This person says they are hearing from God and that person says they are hearing from God but they are both saying things that contradict one another. How can we know for sure which one is truly hearing from God? By the written word which is holy and true and always confirms itself and never lies. Jesus said, ‘Not one jot or one tittle will pass away until all these things have been accomplished.’ (Matthew 5:18)

Just letting everyone know, I am now also on Odysee. You can find me here https://odysee.com/@GodsWordEvangelism:0?r=E1PmLZQiFtPmcFFbp2K2hmEEYswp7P4Z

Raise your children and train them up in the Word of God. The devil seeks to steal, kill, and destroy them. He plants evil thoughts in the minds of children from the time they are toddlers and just starting to learn the difference between good and bad. The devil knows what their future could be and he knows that they might be chosen and holy to God.

In a Godly family, the devil turns one of the children to sin and corruption and this is the devil’s way of rooting himself in the family. Through that one child, he may be able to turn the whole family as the family may begin defending the sins of that child, wanting to show their love and support.

Jesus said a little leaven works itself through the whole batch of dough. And when it works itself through the whole batch, the whole batch is ruined.

Pray for your children daily that God’s protection may be upon them and do not let them get rooted into this world. Do not let them watch Disney movies and anything that is not godly. Do not let them associate with children who are being raised in ungodly homes. And if you can, do not put them in public schools where ungodly things are taught.

I know that being a parent can be hard. But allowing the devil to take your children as his own will make being a parent much harder and it will fill your heart with much grief and sorrow.

Today I am telling you this because it was on my spirit very heavily as I just found out my 16 year old niece has chosen to be GAY. Don’t let that happen to your child or family member. Make sure they know God loves them and sexual sin grieves His heart. Pull them away from the fire before they get thrown into it forever.

Soon it will be a global reality. The Words of God are being fulfilled.


Beware! YouTube is desperately trying to push the distractions of Hollywood in your face. Though I rarely ever watch anything on actors and actresses, lately about 65 to 70% of the videos that come up in my ‘Suggestion’ feed are videos on Johnny Depp and Amber Heard. YouTube is not pushing any of the computer type videos I watch or very little of the Christian videos I mostly watch. They are trying to distract with Hollywood’s drama. Don’t get sucked in. Keep your eyes on Jesus Christ and keep encouraging everyone that you can. Just this morning, I woke up hearing the song ‘Jesus Is Coming Back’ in my spirit. I haven’t been listening to music lately (not on purpose). The only music I’ve heard recently has been in the grocery stores or in my husband’s truck. Neither of those places play Christian music. So the Holy Spirit is definitely continuing to encourage me about our Lord’s arrival. Don’t give up hope. Jesus IS Coming Back!!!!

Pray that Jesus comes quickly. If this gets signed by all nations, we are all going to be living in a prison with no more personal freedoms and rights.


Thanks to everyone out there who visits my website and who likes the content and subscribes. God bless every one of you.


Today I had a dream about being with my first true love. He wanted me to come away with Him but I told Him I had to go and tell my family goodbye. I ended up staying with my family longer than I had planned while my true love sat on the porch waiting for me. Then I realized how long I had left Him there and I ran out of my parents house. I apologized to my true love and we spent a few moments together. The time we spent together was amazing. We were both head over heels in love. Then I was with my husband (the one I’m married to in real life) and he was asking me about this other guy (my true love). For some reason I felt that I needed to hide my true feelings and I told my husband we were just friends. Then I looked into my husband’s eyes and I said to myself, “Gemini.”

I’m not sure what Gemini means. But I believe my true love represents Jesus and I believe that hiding my feelings for Him means persecution.

We are heading into the time when Gemini is supposed to be the constellation that represents May/June. It is possible that Christian persecution may be coming for those who do not go away with Jesus when He comes.

I see this dream being about the Bride who is not quite ready. She wants to be with Jesus, but she isn’t ready to leave her family just yet and she ends up staying longer than she planned. Then she remembers Jesus waiting for her and she runs to Him and discovers their love for one another is even greater than she thought it would be. But Jesus hasn’t taken her away so she is persecuted.

The sun won’t actually be in Gemini until early July so there is a time frame from about May 20th until mid July when this persecution may be taking place. But just before that, remember in the dream, Jesus comes.

You don’t want to be left behind. Give yourself to Jesus in full surrender now before it’s too late. Remember, He loves you deeply. Don’t disappoint Him and end up having to apologize. Let go of this world and give it all to Him now. You won’t regret it.

After I woke up from the dream, I felt that deep love that I had felt for Him in the dream and I also felt the absence of being with Him. I hated being apart from Him and just wanted to be with Him again. I can’t imagine being left behind when He comes for those who are ready. For me, that would be absolute torture.

For those who ARE ready, He is coming!!! ❤️

Something I forgot to mention is that my actual first true love’s name was Ed, derived from the name Edward. His name means ‘prosperous’, ‘wealth’, ‘fortune’, ‘guard’, ‘guardian’, and ‘protector’. It was this man that the Lord used in my dream to represent ‘my first true love’. But after waking, I knew that he represented Jesus. This man was my protector and he did guard me from going down a very dangerous and demonic road in my early life. He was a man who believed very strongly in Christ and never tried to defile me. He desired a pure woman.



The Lord has confirmed to another sister, ‘The time is at hand.’ Sister Suzanna talks about what’s coming. Be Ready! Have your house in order and fully surrendered to Christ! ❤️


I keep seeing videos about animals being treated badly, neglected, or abandoned. In case you don’t know, abusing, neglecting, or abandoning your animals is as abusing, neglecting, and abandoning your children.

God gave these precious creatures to us as our companions and our very first commandment was to have dominion over them and to take care of them.

The next time you think it’s ok to abuse, neglect, or abandon your animals, ask yourself what God would think about that and remember that it is a sin to neglect your responsibilities and it is also a sin to be abusive toward anything God has created. And if you try to justify your actions and think seriously that God will understand, know that God does understand your heart and knows that it is wicked and sinful.

In order to get through the Gates of Heaven, your heart must be pure and filled with love. Jesus died for our sins so that we may be free from the shackles of sin and He died to be our example so that we may live as He lived and be like Him. Not so we can live life hurting others, thinking it doesn’t matter.

Animals have feelings too and if you can look into their face and be cruel to them, where is your heart? What if someone treated you the way you’re treating them?

Heaven is not for the cruel, but for the loving.

Today’s false prophets are much like the false prophets of Jeremiah’s day. Back then, the false prophets were saying there’s going to be prosperity and safety, despite Jeremiah’s warnings that the people were about to be sold into slavery and were going to be taken to another land. Today, the false prophets are still speaking about prosperity, but they are also telling us that it isn’t time for the Lord to come yet and there’s still much left to do in ministering to the lost and bringing in a huge harvest of believers. This is false.

Anyone who truly knows the Lord and has an intimate relationship with Him knows that He is ready to come and take His remnant and the Father is ready to pour out His wrath upon the wicked. Also all things are lining up in fulfillment of Revelation.

If you know the Word of God, you know that in the last days there will not be a huge harvest of believers but instead, a falling away (2 Thessalonians 2:9-12). Few will make it through the narrow door and escape (Matthew 7:14). Many are already pledging their allegiance to the Beast and have left their first love out of fear and obedience to the world’s system.

So the next time you hear someone saying it’s not time for the Lord to come for His Bride or ‘He’ s delaying His coming,’ know that that is just the enemy trying to cause you to doubt and lose hope. Jesus IS COMING and He expects you to be ready and watching for Him with eager expectation, as a child at Christmas. Do not doubt and do not lose hope. ❤️

05/07/22 –

New World Order Ruling!!!

For when they say, “Peace and safety!” then sudden destruction comes upon them, as labor pains upon a pregnant woman. And they shall not escape. (1 Thessalonians 5:3)