06/24/22 – Hallelujah! Amen. One victory in Christ.

06/24/22 – What does this mean for the Body of Christ? Are there more ‘at home’ churches assembling? Or does this mean that many are falling away as in 2 Thessalonians 2:3? Is this a sign of the Lord’s return?

Here’s a victory! Maybe we’re finally getting through to people. Kim Iversen explains how parents didn’t take their kids to get vaxxed on June 21st. There were no long lines waiting, only empty chairs. Most parents don’t want their little ones vaxxed but the government is pushing it anyway.

The rule of the spirit world is that God or Satan must announce their plans before they follow through with them…..Looks like an announcement to me! 🙄

As our Lord is about to break through the clouds and call His remnant home, the devil is trying so hard to take us all out so that we cannot finish our work in the harvest. So many brothers and sisters are being struck down with illnesses and issues causing surgical operations. Please pray for the protection and healing of the Body of Christ. Pray that Jesus may block all attacks of the enemy and that He may cast out all things that are not of God. Pray for Jesus’ healing power to flow through all in the Body of Christ who are sick and in need of repair. May His blood be upon all of you, your families, and your homes. Maranatha. ❤️