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Hey everybody! The Lord has been bringing some things back to my memory today. One of those things came when I was watching Sister Barb’s (God’s Healer 7) video from 3 days ago and she talked at great length about her son’s incarceration. The Lord reminded me that some time ago (3 years to be exact) He had given me a dream where I went to see Barb and she was telling me we have 4 weeks left. Then an alarm began to sound and we went running up the stairs. At the end of that dream, her grandson was talking about handcuffs. However, I believe the Lord was showing me that Barb’s son has been in trouble since he was a kid. She confirmed that in her last message. This means that dream did come from the Lord and was not a random dream. 3 years ago, I had no knowledge about Barb’s son.

That dream can be found here: https://youtu.be/mowWFSl2ehA

I do not know how the 4 weeks fit in to this. Will we actually be told we have 4 more weeks? Is her last video a heads up that we only have 4 more weeks? Or does 4 weeks even really mean 4 weeks? Maybe 4 weeks is prophetic time and each week is a year? If that’s the case, we would have 1 more year. I don’t know! But the Lord has brought me confirmation that my dream is a true warning.

Also, He has brought back to my mind that last year He showed me all the crops are going to burn on the vine. I thought He meant that for last year, but it is very possible He meant that for this year.

Recently, He has been letting us know that fire is coming. So just a heads up. This Summer has been the hottest Summer on record and even though we’re seeing a cool down this week, come next week, it’s going to be HOTT🔥 again.

If you get one more harvest this year, don’t forget to thank the Lord for His blessing.

He’s Coming very very soon. Could be today. Could be tomorrow. Could be 4 weeks from now. Be ready!

Father God gives us such precious gifts. This little guy is only 3 to 4 weeks old. My husband found him in the Walmart parking lot while he was working Wednesday night. This little guy was running around trying to get people’s attention and they either completely ignored him or they told him to go home. He seemed completely abandoned and hungry and was in need of someone to take him home. My husband, a true lover of animals, scooped him up and brought him home to me. He became the newest member of the Stephens household and was given the name ‘Jesse’. Jesse means ‘gift, blessing’.

I am not as young as I used to be. Taking care of this little guy and two others who are 2 and 6 takes a lot out of me. Please pray for my rest, strength, and energy to be able to be the best mommy I can be. May God bless all of you with gifts as well. ❤️

FYI – This message is not against the last message I posted about being prepared for nuclear fire. When the Lord said, “Only a few are hearing from me,” He meant that the few hearing from Him are the ones saying Fire Is Coming. The majority are not talking about this. The majority are trying to keep you distracted with something else.

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🔴 Mysterious flashing fireballs seen streaking across US skies with experts saying it may have been a RUSSIAN ROCKET.

The celestial shower rained down on Tuesday evening – but some meteor specialists have pointed out that the otherworldly sighting may be pieces of an old fuel tank.🤔

People have reported sightings of flaming objects in the US. (Credit: American Meteor Society)

The American Meteor Society received photos and videos from residents in Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, and Oregon

The American Meteor Society documented 29 reports of falling fireballs that started flying through the sky at about 10pm.

Residents in Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, and Oregon recorded the surreal experience.

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As I said in my previous post, you do not know what tomorrow may bring. Surrender your life to Jesus Christ right now while you still have the opportunity to do so. The young man who fell into this crater did not wake up thinking, “Today might be my last day.” He was excited about his trek to the mountain and most likely never thought about where his eternity might be and whether he may be going into it now instead of later. Do not put off the things you can do today until tomorrow. You may not have another day or another five minutes. This may be your only chance to repent of your sins and choose Jesus as your Lord and Savior.