5 Revelations From the Holy Spirit

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 946 total views                        Hello everyone. I’m back with another message as promised.                        This message is more of a revelation of knowledge and definitely not a dream.                        This revelation came to me as I was listening to someone else that I subscribe to on YouTube. He was talking about the Venom and the Mark […]

Divine Image Destroyed

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 1,996 total views Message by Fresh Oil Releases (Christine Beadsworth) Divine Image Destroyed (Message Part 1) https://freshoilreleases.co.za/2021/05/04/divine-image-destroyed/ Divine Image Destroyed (Message Part 2) https://freshoilreleases.co.za/2021/05/10/pt-2-of-divine-image-destroyed-defiling-the-holy-place/ Divine Image Destroyed (Message Part 3a) https://freshoilreleases.co.za/2021/05/19/pt-3a-of-divine-image-destroyed/ Divine Image Destroyed (Message Part 3b) https://freshoilreleases.co.za/2021/05/28/pt-3b-of-divine-image-destroyed-betrothed-to-another/