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Hey brothers and sisters! I hope you’re having a great week.

This week, I got a couple of multi-part dreams and a dream warning. The multi-part dreams are very encouraging for those who are all about growing in the Lord and in your calling.

On Monday morning, February 28th, 2022, I was given a dream about an employee evaluation. I was shown that I am a good employee with good awareness of everything around me and with good observation skills. I am not saying this to brag, I am saying this because this tells me that the Holy Father is doing evaluations on His servants. Pay attention! He may be telling you everything you’re doing right or everything you may be doing wrong. If He hasn’t told you or if He isn’t revealing your results, you need to pray and ask Him how you’re doing.

Then on March 2nd, I was given a dream about leaving the past behind and moving into my future. Then after I got out of bed, I heard a song in my spirit that was saying, “I’m Already Gone.”

Those who desire to be separated from all ungodly things and are walking in the Spirit, God is separating you from this world and from all things and people that are not of Him. We must leave the past in the past and we must move forward in the Spirit, going wherever the Holy Spirit leads us.

Veils are going to be removed and we will begin to see things and people for what and who they truly are.

You must walk away from whatever the Holy Spirit is telling you to walk away from and not allow yourself to remain attached. Remaining attached to those things and people who are not of God will only anchor you to this world and keep you from following the Holy Spirit who will soon depart this earth and if you’re not following Him, you won’t be departing.

Also on March 2nd, I had a brief dream that I was taken into the past to see someone I was told was the inventor of electricity. I had no idea who this man was but I was made to know that this man was in the 1800’s and I saw him like I was seeing an old movie but the image was like a yellowed photograph.

The man I was shown was changing his mind about his invention and was deciding to do something else. He seemed to be either filled with regret or frustration.

He had dark short hair, a mustache, and he wore a long sleeved white button up shirt with a dark colored vest and dark pants.

After I woke up, I went to google search to see who invented electricity. I found out that it wasn’t just one man; it was a number of men throughout history who made strides in discovering static electricity and ways of using static electricity and how to power and generate that into people’s homes for its various uses. But I was looking for just one man.

I continued looking at the history of the invention of electricity and I looked into who was responsible in the 1800’s and I finally found the man I was looking for and it ended up being a man by the name of Nikola Tesla. He was an inventor and electrical engineer and he worked for the Continental Edison Company. He was an engineer and scientist known for designing the alternating-current (AC) electric system, which is the predominant electrical system used across the world today. Without his contribution to the invention of electricity, we may not have the advancements we have today with electronic devices and even the light we use.

There was clearly a message being given to me about electricity being taken away or going back to a time before there was electricity, as if it had never been invented.

Two days before I had this dream, I was reminded of another dream I had in December of 2015. I have to be careful here about what I say so I’m going to sort of speak in code.

In that dream there were many parts. In one of the parts, I was in a command center and I saw a woman with a headset. She spoke to someone and said, “The grid is scheduled to go down on Wednesday.”

I understood that an EMP would be used by authorities within the nation to attack the nation and make it look like it came from somewhere else.

In another part of the dream, I was shown a heating and cooling panel of a car. Then there was a mechanic who took a computer board out of mine and my husband’s car and he was showing us this board but he was saying something to us about getting prepared. I can’t remember his exact words but what he was saying was about preparing. So I understood that heating and cooling would be affected by this EMP and also the computer boards in vehicles.

Also in this dream, my husband and I were shopping online and it was Christmas. However, I have come to understand that this can be symbolic of a time when people have large amounts of money and are spending it on gifts or just shopping and buying things. An example of this time for Americans is the tax season when people are getting back thousands of dollars on their tax returns. Another example for Americans may be when the government is sending out stimulus checks. These are times that are much like Christmas when people are spending lots of money either on themselves or on family and friends.

And the thing is, right now, my husband and I are shopping for a vehicle. The vehicle we’ve had for the past four years was damaged in an accident my husband had at the end of last week. So these two parts of that dream really resonate with me right now, so much so that the Holy Spirit gave me the dream about Nikola Tesla abandoning his invention of AC power, showing me that it will be as if electricity was never invented.

At the very same moment I was reminded of the dream I had in 2015, the song ‘The Night The Lights Went Out In Georgia’ began playing in my spirit.                         

As I said, there were two encouragements and one warning.

Those of you following the Holy Spirit ought to be prepared for whatever comes. Dark times will not phase you. You will acknowledge the hardship but keep moving forward in the strength of Christ.

Those of you who are not fully surrendered to Christ, you need to give your life fully and completely now before it’s too late.

Early last year, I spoke a warning about being told by the Lord that the next events that would come would be War and Famine, fulfilling Revelation 6:3-6. That time is now here. Whatever transpires from this moment forward may end the lives of millions, if not billions of people. A lot of those people are going to die in their sins because they have refused the salvation of Jesus Christ. They have lived in their own ways and have refused to give up the fleshly pleasures of this world. Don’t be one of those people!

The Word of God tells us that we are required to sacrifice the things of the world and of the flesh so that we may live a life in the Spirit, being fully surrendered to Jesus, and being Born Again.

It will not go well for those who are not in Christ. They will not go out with a whimper, but with screams of anguish, clawing to stay alive. That is a disturbing image, I know, and I’m sorry, but it’s true. This is why it’s so important to be in the refuge of Jesus Christ. Let Him save you. Let Him protect you. Think about it.

God willing, you will see me here again next week. God bless each and every one of you. Have a wonderful weekend. Shalom.