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Hello brothers and sisters! For those of you in this snow storm, I hope you are staying in and staying warm.

Today, I have a different kind of message but a much needed message for the Body of Christ.

There is a reason why Christ tells us not to judge others. We all have some kind of sin in our lives. Even when we think we are living as holy as we can possibly be, there is sin lurking in our lives.

We may have an obsession or something we really enjoy and the enemy sees that and he exploits that and turns it into an idol. At some point, God is going to bring that to your attention, if He hasn’t already, and He is going to tell you to come away from it.

The enemy tempts us with many things and that temptation can by intoxicating and hypnotic. It lures us into a suspended state where all reality has been shut out and blocked from our senses. It is designed to keep us distracted. And the deeper we are lulled into this state, the harder it is to hear God speaking to us and showing us the truth of our spirit and our surroundings.

This message was revealed to me several weeks ago when the Holy Spirit was trying to reveal a hidden sin in my life, which had become an idol for me. I didn’t know it was a problem until He had begun to give me revelation.

A few months ago, I had begun praying for God to set me apart from all worldly things, from all things of evil and darkness, from all things that were not of Him so that He and I could become one in mind, body, and spirit. I prayed that I may see the things that He sees, that I may hear the things that He hears, and that I may understand those things that He understands.

Right after I began praying that prayer, He told me to stop doing something I really enjoyed. And just so your minds aren’t going all over the place wondering what this activity was, it was gaming.

Since I was in my early twenties, my husband and I have played video games together. Not the demonic games or the really violent games, although there is some violence in the games we’ve played, we generally have enjoyed playing adventure games; Prince of Persia, God of War, Horizon Zero Dawn, Monster Hunter, Mini Golf, and some racing games. We have had Playstations and Xboxes, and about a year ago, I built a gaming PC.

On the morning of November 29th, 2021, the Holy Spirit told me to stop playing those games. He told me I had 120 days to come away from them. The end of the 120 days is March 29th. I do not know what March 29th is or why I had only until then to come away from video games and I do not want that to be our focus here.

After that, I did try to stop playing games for a little while, I kept busy with messages and other things, but then I began playing again. So then in January, the Holy Spirit began revealing this message to me about the intoxication and hypnotizing effect sin has upon us. The Lord knows how hard sin can be to come away from. He knows that sin causes addictions and spiritual blindness, which is why only the Holy Spirit can remove the veil which blinds us and covers reality and truth. Only He can reveal these things to us.

Specifically regarding gaming, the worlds created in games, especially those created in the last twenty years, can feel very real. They have very realistic qualities, especially with the quality of the graphics looking more realistic with every generation of consoles.

This distraction and intoxication requires us to be snapped back to reality by a supernatural force or by something rooted in reality.

With the virtual reality devices, which I have never used or owned, the line of reality becomes even more blurred and the virtual reality becomes reality to the person using it.

As the Holy Spirit was revealing all of this to me, He reminded me of a movie called Percy Jackson and the Olympians. This movie was the first of two that was made and in the movie, there is a scene where Percy, who is Perseus, the son of Poseidon, and two of his friends who were also children of the mythical Greek gods, were in a casino looking for a pearl and they were offered a lotus flower. The lotus flowers were edible and they caused everyone to be in a suspended state of reality. They didn’t know what day it was, what year, or how much time had passed since they got there. Here is the clip.


The Holy Spirit revealed to me that sin is like that lotus flower. It intoxicates us and puts us in a suspended state where we can’t see truth or reality. But if we can still hear the voice of our Holy Father, He speaks to us and tells us, “Come away from that, little one. It’s dangerous and if you remain in it, it’s going to cause you to walk away from me. That sin will cause you to die in your spirit and it will separate you from me forever.” He loves us and He catches us when we fall so that we don’t die a spiritual death. But if you do not heed his warning, you will be separated from Him and you may not be able to find your way back.

Over the past week, I have been battling the spirit that has brought this upon me; this spirit of gaming. Many Christians have this spirit upon them and they don’t realize it.

Gaming has always been fairly big among children and teenagers. But in the past twenty years, the gaming industry has seen its biggest followers among adults from early twenties to late forties. The last two years of the pandemic have brought even more adults into gaming as many adults are now working from home.

I have prayed and asked the Lord to cast this spirit off of me and give me the strength to overcome it.

Sin is not something we can come away from on our own. Our strength is not enough to overcome it. We must fight and overcome sin with the strength of Jesus. It is only through and with Jesus that we can have the victory. But we must be willing. An unwilling spirit cannot fight, cannot overcome, and will not even lean on Jesus for the strength.

It is time for every one of us to take a deeper look into our lives to see what sin may be lurking. We must ask God to reveal to us whether there is any sin in our life and to separate us from all things that are not of Him. Let Him take the veil off of your eyes. Pray that you may see what He sees, that you may hear what He hears, and that you may understand things the way He understands and knows them.

The Bride must be purified and made spotless so that she may be holy and righteous. Jesus is coming for a spotless Bride and many are not ready.

Be thankful Jesus hasn’t come for His Bride yet because many would not be eligible to go. But as His time draws closer, be fully surrendered, be fully purified, and live as holy as possible. Now is the time to come away from those things that draw your attention away from Christ. Now is the time to give your full attention to Him; meditating on His Word, singing praises, and being in prayer. He wants to be in the secret place with us, especially now, just before He comes and the Tribulation officially begins. So we must not get distracted and consumed by ungodly things or things of this world. The key to becoming one with Him is not just in accepting Him and His Holy Spirit into your life, but in letting Him fully inhabit you every day, all day. He will reveal deeper things to you and show you things you never imagined.

I pray that the Lord may consume you. Until next time, God bless each and every one of you. Shalom.